This is the peak season for fertilizer movement as retailers are getting products in place for the upcoming spring planting season. | File photo

COVID-19 won’t disrupt fertilizer availability

Garth Whyte exhaled a sigh of relief when he read Agriculture Canada’s statement about the transportation of agricultural commodities. “The continued movement of agri-food products and inputs, both home and abroad, and the ongoing delivery of essential food-delivery services, are essential to Canada’s plan to manage COVID-19,” federal agriculture minister Marie-Claude Bibeau said in a […] Read more

European Union farmers face an organic fertilizer application quota and tougher restrictions on slurry spreading.  |  Chris McCullough photo

Challenging times for fertilizer use in European Union

Extra pressure in the form of new fertilizer application regulations are being piled on to European farmers along with a fresh hike in costs of the commodity. Whether it is organic or artificial, fertilizer is an essential ingredient for European farmers to increase production, but its use is proving costly and a headache for many. […] Read more

Terminal supervisor Neal Renwick leads a tour of the new Co-op fertilizer terminal in Hanley, Sask., Sept. 5.  |  William DeKay photo

Foray into bulk fertilizer pleases Federated Co-op

FCL sees more opportunities in the future after opening two prairie terminals to provide retail stores with product

HANLEY, Sask. — It recently opened and a giant fertilizer terminal is already being eyed for growth. Located in Hanley, the 96,000 sq. foot facility is one of two terminals commissioned by Federated Co-operatives Ltd. as part of a $75 million initiative to provide Co-op Agro Centres and prairie producers with crop nutrition products. “We’re […] Read more

Bayer's LifeScience Center division, along with biotech firm Ginkgo Bioworks, is forming a startup to focus on developing biological solutions to reduce the use of nitrogen-based fertilizer, or make farmers' use more efficient, company officials said this week. | File photo

Bayer joins in $100 million investment bet on bio fertilizer

CHICAGO, Sept 14 (Reuters) – Germany’s Bayer AG, one of the world’s biggest agricultural chemical companies, is joining a $100 million bet that the next big breakthrough in crop fertilizers will be found inside a biological Petri dish. Its Bayer LifeScience Center division, along with biotech firm Ginkgo Bioworks, is forming a startup to focus […] Read more

TAPPS puts up to three products down at high pressure into a very narrow slit in the soil.  They can be used to feed winter cereals in the spring with little or no damage or cut through stubble in the fall.  |  Exactrix photo

Make nitrogen more efficient

LANGHAM, Sask. —American corn growers are realizing a one-third increase in nitrogen efficiency by using the Exactrix TAPPS application system. TAPPS technology injects NH3 along with a liquid fertilizer blend, creating a soil environment that reduces nitrogen loss, Exactrix agronomist Guy Swanson said. “In dryland scenarios, the grower nets about 60 more (US) dollars per […] Read more

A TAPPS cart from CPS got farmers attention at the AIM farm show in Langham, Sask. Made by Wadena Steel, the unit weighs up to 80,000 pounds when loaded.  |  Ron Lyseng photo

Turn on the TAPPS for better nitrogen efficiency

LANGHAM, Sask. — Farmers at the recent Ag in Motion show who want to optimize nitrogen uptake were drawn to the rubber- track trailer bearing a pair of 1,200 gallon liquid tanks flanked by a pair of 2,000 gallon anhydrous ammonia tanks. The big rig was the brainchild of Crop Production Services in Sexsmith, Alta., […] Read more

Dositubes, used to measure nitrogen volatilization losses, were placed under boxes with holes drilled in them on a recently seeded field shallow-banded with urea. The tubes contain purple packing material containing sulfuric acid that turns yellow when it reacts with the gas.  | Agritruth Research photo

Urea depth may not be critical if soil is properly packed

For 40 years, soil scientists have recommended that farmers apply urea by banding two to three inches deep, to reduce losses to the atmosphere. But when shallow-seeded crops like canola are planted on the same toolbar used to apply urea, the depth disparity can be tricky to achieve. As well, the extra power and time […] Read more

Agrium expands retail network

Agrium is not building new fertilizer plants, but it is going to continue expanding the retail side of its business. “It is something we remain committed to and something that has been very lucrative for us,” chief financial officer Steve Douglas told investors attending BMO Capital Markets’ annual Farm to Market conference. Agrium has spent […] Read more

A new fertilizer centre at Belle Plaine, Sask., is expected to cost $24 million

Genesis plans huge fertilizer supercentre west of Regina

Saskatchewan-based Genesis Grain and Fertilizer is moving ahead with plans to build the first in what it hopes will be a series of farmer-owned fertilizer supercentres. Genesis confirmed Jan. 27 that it intends to build its first fertilizer storage, blending and distribution centre at Belle Plaine, Sask., west of Regina. The proposed $24 million facility, […] Read more

Agrium has more than 1,400 crop input retail outlets around the world and the company sees doldrums in the fertilizer sector as an opportunity to expand.  |  File photo

Fertilizer price slump ideal time to expand: Agrium

CEO says it made sense during the low of the price cycle 
to merge with PotashCorp to speed retail growth

Farmers might want to give up on guessing when fertilizer prices will bottom out and head back up. Even the chief executive officer of what will be the world’s largest fertilizer company is in the dark on that one. “We get asked that question an awful lot, and the short answer is we don’t know,” […] Read more