A log fence is one of the many alternatives producers have when fencing in difficult terrain. | HEATHER SMITH THOMAS PHOTO

Fencing in difficult terrain has options

Building a good permanent fence can be challenging in rocky, frozen or swampy ground when it’s impossible to dig post holes efficiently, or set posts with a tractor-mounted post-pounder. Most fences for cattle use barbed wire, especially for large pastures. A good barbed-wire fence is effective and cheaper to build and maintain than rail fences […] Read more

Porcupine beavers busted for dam theft.  |  RCMP photo

Dam good ending to a farm theft

Police in the northeastern Saskatchewan community of Porcupine Plain found themselves with a prickly prairie mystery. What happened to the fence posts? A local person had planned to use the warmer spring weather on May 7 to do some fencing only to find his pile of posts had been pilfered from the property. The local […] Read more