Proper rations make flock healthy, not fat

RED DEER— Feeding lambs the right stuff gets them off to a good start in life. A nutrition program could include creep feeding and it must pay extra attention to protein and energy levels, said researcher Paul Luimes of the University of Guelph. “What you do to that lamb will impact her for the rest […] Read more

Modern cattle require less feed and water

Modern beef cattle are models of efficiency. Better genetic selection, improved nutrition, pasture management and disease control have created a beef animal that uses 80 percent less feed and 88 percent less water to achieve market weight compared to animals in the past. An efficient animal is also environmentally friendly because it releases less methane, […] Read more

Cattle sector grappling with genetic link to feed efficiency

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Few beef producers have selected cattle for feed efficiency because it is a difficult quality to measure among large groups of animals. Improved bovine DNA evaluations may provide easier ways to unravel valuable qualities like feed efficiency and disease resistance and link them to sire selection information. As genomic technology marches forward, […] Read more