In a letter issued the day following the election, Saskatchewan premier Scott Moe called on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to cancel the federal carbon tax, re-work the equalization formula, and build pipelines to export Canada's oil. | Screencap via Twitter/@PremiereScottMoe

Kenny, Moe among those riled over election outcome

WINNIPEG Oct. 23 (MarketsFarm) – Conservatives have remained up in arms over Monday’s federal election results, which saw the federal Conservative Party dominate Western Canada, especially the Prairies. And that includes drawing the ire of Alberta Premier Jason Kenny and Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe. Of the country’s 338 federal constituencies, 104 are in Western Canada. […] Read more

Ralph Goodale had been one of a few Liberals MPs from the Prairies before last week's federal election, but their loss struck a blow for western representation in the new government. REUTERS/Chris Wattie  photo

Regionally divided vote affects agricultural sector

OTTAWA — A regionally divided vote resulting in a minority Liberal government leaves a clear challenge for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his caucus colleagues on how to handle the future of agriculture. After being re-elected, Trudeau said clearly in his speech that Alberta and Saskatchewan are part of the country and will be heard […] Read more

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh has outlined conditions of his support to the Liberals, focusing on items such as climate change and a national pharmacare plan. | Screencap via Twitter/@CPAC_TV

What a minority gov’t might mean for ag policy

OTTAWA — If polls and pundits are to be believed, Monday’s federal election will result in a minority government — meaning no single party would alone be dictating the immediate future of agricultural policy in Canada. While the true results won’t be known until Monday night, most pollsters are speculating either a Conservative or Liberal-led […] Read more

Leader Andrew Scheer announced the platform in Tsawassen, B.C., and while he didn’t address agriculture and rural issues directly he did say the carbon levy would be eliminated. | Twitter/@AndrewScheer photo

Tory platform includes grain act, CGC

A Conservative government would modernize the Canada Grain Act and Canadian Grain Commission, according to a list of promises in the party platform released Oct. 11. Leader Andrew Scheer announced the platform in Tsawassen, B.C., and while he didn’t address agriculture and rural issues directly he did say the carbon levy would be eliminated. He […] Read more

Parties address agriculture using a variety of promises

Parties address agriculture using a variety of promises

All major parties have vowed to put agriculture at the heart of their decision-making. A review of their policies that affect prairie farmers places agriculture in various stages of importance. Farm groups have issued their priorities. Addressing market access issues is on everyone’s list. A federally funded program to address damage from market issues has […] Read more

All party leaders and their candidates are asked to take the time to appreciate the important contribution that agri-food exports make to the Canadian economy.  |  File photo

An open letter to federal party leaders

Dear Party Leaders: As the voice of Canadian agri-food exporters, representing the 90 percent of farmers, producers, food processors and agri-food exporters who rely on global markets for their livelihoods, the Canadian Agri-Food Trade Alliance is writing to express what’s needed for Canada’s agri-food exporters as we enter the homestretch of the 43rd election. As […] Read more

Bridget Lacey, the farmer and mother of two young boys from Turner Valley, is campaigning in Foothills, where she’s up against Conservative incumbent John Barlow.
 | Karen Briere photo

Alta. Green candidate tackles Tory juggernaut

BELLEVUE, Alta. — It’s not easy being a Green Party candidate in Alberta. Bridget Lacey can tell you that firsthand. The farmer and mother of two young boys from Turner Valley is campaigning in Foothills, where she’s up against Conservative incumbent John Barlow. Conservative blue is projected to sweep the province, wiping out four Liberal […] Read more

Liberal MP Ralph Goodale has had a long career in Saskatchewan.  |  File photo

Goodale brand expected to prevail in Sask.

Federal election: He is the only Liberal MP in the province, a scenario that isn’t expected to change in this election

Ralph Goodale is used to being the sole Liberal voice from Saskatchewan in Ottawa. And he’s expected to be the only one again after the Oct. 21 vote. Polls indicate that while most of the province will vote Conservative, including in Conservative leader Andrew Scheer’s Regina-Qu’Appelle riding, Regina-Wascana voters are likely to stick with Goodale. […] Read more

Conservative MP James Bezan takes in a cattle auction while campaigning for re-election in the Manitoba riding of Selkirk-Interlake-Eastman.  |  Karen Briere photo

Manitoba MP at home in farming country

Federal election: Conservative candidate is a former cattle producer who has represented constituency since 2004

ASHERN, Man. — James Bezan is as comfortable at the Ashern Auction Mart as he is in the House of Commons. The incumbent Conservative MP, running in his sixth campaign, is in friendly territory among the cattle producers watching the Wednesday cattle sale. He is one of them, after all. The former cattle producer, manager […] Read more

Justin Trudeau’s Liberals also promise tax changes to ease intergenerational farm transfer, more assistance for exporters, no reintroduction of the long-gun registry, and full support for supply managed farmers and processors.  |  Robert Arnason photo

Liberals plan to change Farm Credit Canada

Party’s election platform includes commitment to turn FCC into a single service point for all parts of the food economy 

The Liberal plan to expand and rename Farm Credit Canada poses more questions than answers. The party platform’s Investing in Rural Success section includes a promise to streamline services and increase investments to help make Canada the second-largest exporter of agricultural products by 2025. “We will merge exiting financial and advisory services currently scattered between […] Read more