Who owns what in Sask.?

A study of Saskatchewan farmland purchases has found that investors have indeed driven up land prices, but others are also willing to pay more than assessed value. Farmland values rose quickly from 2006-15, authors Andre Magnan and Annette Aurelie Desmarais say in a paper published by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. (PDF format) For […] Read more

Senators grill Sask. on tighter farmland rules

Ag minister defends changes to the Farmland Security Act designed to stop foreign investors from pushing up prices

OTTAWA — The ability of farmers to act as fronts for foreign investors is coming to an end, and farmland prices now better reflect agricultural economics, says Saskatchewan’s agriculture minister. Lyle Stewart said the practice of foreign investor financing being funneled through such “underground” farmland transactions are being stemmed by his province’s new land ownership […] Read more

The case for flexible land financing

Skyline Agriculture Financial is appealing a court ruling that prohibits it from offering its financing model to people interested in buying Saskatchewan Farmland. The court upheld a Saskatchewan Farm Land Security Board ruling that Skyline’s model violates provincial land ownership laws because it involved money from foreign investors. As a Canadian financial institution, Skyline Agriculture […] Read more

Foreign ownership of Sask. farmland increasing ‘rapidly’

Investment ownership increased 16-fold from 2002 to present, prompts calls for social investment in land

Outside investors own a small but rapidly expanding share of Saskatchewan farmland, according to research conducted by the Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy. The group analyzed the change in farmland ownership from 2002-14 to see how relaxing ownership regulations has affected the province. In 2002, the NDP government changed the regulations to allow ownership […] Read more