The road ahead for farming is branching out — and that’s how consumers like it

Public polling shows that millions of Canadian consumers remain hostile to growth hormones and GM foods, despite overwhelming evidence showing the technologies are safe. If explaining and defending ag practices with science isn’t feasible, what are the alternatives for Canadian farmers? Western Producer reporters Ed White and Robert Arnason explore this question.

Kevin Folta took more than a decade to understand why science isn’t a great way to change people’s minds in the debate over genetically modified foods and pesticides. “It only took me 12 years, of really working hard to share science and give people facts, to realize that it wasn’t working,” said Folta, professor and […] Read more

Agriculture is already sustainable

“Sustainable” is currently the most over-used and misused word in the English language. Everybody uses it, but there is no agreement as to what it means. The only thing you can be sure of is that being unsustainable is not good. It has long been green dogma that modern agriculture is not sustainable. Terms such […] Read more