Food hubs like the one run by the Cowichan Green Community allow consumers to place orders for locally grown produce online. Produce is delivered to a central collection point, and customers pick up their orders once a week. The system helps farm businesses connect to local consumers.  |  Tamara Leigh photo

Food hub builds community connection for agriculture

Consumer demand for local food may be growing, but it can be harder than one thinks to connect local farmers with their customers. Food hubs are one way that communities are helping connect farm businesses to customers and communities to agriculture. At their most basic, food hubs provide a central point where local farmers can […] Read more

Farmers markets require vendors to follow food handling rules, with some products requiring inspection certificates or licences. |  File photo

Safety key to fresh from farm enjoyment

Thirteen people got sick in 2002 from eating unpasteurized cheese contaminated with E. coli bacteria that they bought at an Alberta farmers market. Two children sustained permanent kidney damage. E. coli in unpasteurized cow’s milk sickened four people at an Ontario farmers market in 2005, two of whom were hospitalized. Those are frightening incidents for […] Read more