VIDEO: Program explains consequences when farm safety ignored

TABER, Alta. — Fresh shavings cover the floor of this classroom in a barn on a farm near Taber. Some of the time the Alberta high school students enrolled in AGR 3000, an agricultural safety course, listen to instructors and take notes at their tables. At other times, they examine sites and farm equipment where […] Read more

When things go sideways …do you know what to do?

EDMONTON — Alberta’s Bill 6 has opened the door to addressing safety, say agricultural safety experts. “I saw it as an opportunity to talk about safety, raise the profile of safety in people’s minds,” said Dan Trottier of Ag Safe Alberta. “As a result, people are working toward more complex safety management systems for their […] Read more

Make a plan, stick to the plan

EDMONTON — Farm safety is a big concern for rancher Trevor Tapp of Fraser Lake, B.C., who lives an hour from the local hospital and hours away from a fire hall. Speaking at the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association’s annual conference in Edmonton Oct. 3, he said he has a written safety plan, emergency numbers and […] Read more

The preventable tragedy

LANGHAM, Sask. — Three or four people are usually killed every year in grain bin accidents, says Glen Blahey of the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association. “We never know about close calls because they’re not reported.” Most people who become entrapped in a grain bin do not survive. The number of entrapments is increasing in all […] Read more

A little restraint goes a long way

Falls are a major hazard and a common cause of many injuries, said a youth agricultural safety specialist. “There are a number of major grain hazards that are associated with grain. The fall hazards are prevalent throughout the entire farm and ranch worksite,” said Marsha Salzwedel from the National Children’s Centre for Rural and Agricultural […] Read more

Bin safety system designed to prevent farm accidents

LANGHAM, Sask. — Bin sensing technology and grain level indicators mean most farmers today should be able to make fewer scrambles up to the tops of their bins. That’s good news because climbing bins can be a dangerous job, especially if it is windy or there is frost on the ladder. However, some farmers still […] Read more

Compulsory farm safety training advised

An Alberta provincial court judge recommends that farm safety training be made compulsory in all post-secondary agriculture programs and that the government develop a compulsory regime of safety certification on farm equipment. The recommendations stem from a public fatality inquiry following the death of Stephen Murray Gibson on Jan. 31, 2014. He was killed in […] Read more

Tragic tales give kids powerful safety lesson

MONTMARTRE, Sask. — Bryant Gaetz was sure he was going to die. In an instant, the 16-year-old farm boy’s life flashed before his eyes. “I thought I was dying right then,” said Gaetz, recounting a harrowing day three years ago when the grain auger he was pulling with a tractor hit an overhead power line […] Read more

Safety urged around power lines

SaskPower is reminding farmers to be exercise caution as they seed this spring. The utility has received notification of 51 contacts, with 25 of those occurring between May 1-15. The number of line contacts continues to increase daily. Fortunately, no one has been seriously injured or killed, but the danger is real. Many of the […] Read more

Bad wiring called major fire threat in barns

An educational campaign in Ontario takes aim at deteriorated electrical/mechanical equipment and heating devices

As barn fires go, an early March blaze near St. Pierre-Jolys, Man., was fairly minor. It caused about $50,000 in damage, and chickens, goats, sheep and rabbits died. A loss of livestock is always stomach turning, but the financial losses were relatively small. In comparison, a large hog barn fire could easily cause losses in […] Read more