Under the terms of the deal, Canada gives up any right to retaliate over the decades-old complaint, which alleged the EU was breaking WTO rules by banning hormone-treated beef. | File photo

EU and Canada settle cattle battle at the WTO

GENEVA, Oct 3 (Reuters) – The European Union and Canada have ended a 21-year dispute over hormone-treated meat after negotiating a wider trade agreement, they said in a filing published by the World Trade Organization on Tuesday. The settlement of the dispute at the WTO, which began in 1996, was facilitated by a liberalisation of […] Read more

Canadian soybean exports to china last crop year were almost two million tonnes. | Getty image

Canada may become fourth largest soybean seed exporter

The crop year has come to a close, and what a year it was for Canadian grain exports and domestic use. Records were posted for canola exports and crush. Another number that stands out is soybean exports. Once Statistics Canada’s final numbers are tallied, soybean exports this year will likely be about 4.5 million tonnes, […] Read more

G3 Canada officially opened a new export terminal at the Port of Hamilton in southern Ontario this week. | G3 Canada photo

G3 expansion continues in eastern corridors

One of Canada’s fastest growing grain companies has added another piece to its national network of elevators and export terminals. G3 Canada officially opened a new export terminal at the Port of Hamilton in southern Ontario this week. The 50,000 tonne facility will consist of steel storage bins and primarily handle grain and oilseed crops […] Read more

The amount of American wheat that's delivered to Canadian grain elevators is a drop in the bucket compared to the amount of Canadian wheat that's sold south of the border each year. | File photo

Wheat imports from U.S. small compared to exports

The amount of American wheat that’s delivered to Canadian grain elevators is a drop in the bucket compared to the amount of Canadian wheat that’s sold south of the border each year. That’s according to a report prepared by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The USDA’s Report to Congress on Policy Barriers to U.S. Grain […] Read more

Two oilseed crushing plants in China plan to switch to canola, hoping to improve their profitability.  |  Reuters photo

China’s canola demand may rise

Expect an extra one million tonnes of canola demand from China in 2017-18, say two exporters. Two large soybean crush facilities are being converted into canola processing plants and a third could follow suit. Late last year, the Chinese government granted approval for a switch plant located along the Yangtze River in Nantong, China, to […] Read more

An analyst thinks Pakistan’s new fumigation policy is a ploy to stop shipments in wake of plummeting prices for chickpeas and lentils in the country.  |  File photo

Pakistan’s fumigation rule threatens pulse trade

The country gave no advanced notice and hasn’t identified what pest poses a concern that requires fumigation

Just when Canada’s pulse industry got temporary relief on a trade impediment with India, a new one has cropped up with Pakistan. The new director general at Pakistan’s equivalent of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency is de-manding grain shipments be fumigated at origin rather than at arrival as was done in the past. The CFIA […] Read more

Canada hoped to increase pork exports under the now-scuttled TPP deal, but now bilateral deals will be required.  |  File photo

Canadian pork sector eager to form trade deal with Japan

Canada exported $3.8 billion worth of pork last year, and with limited scope for domestic market growth, producers are putting emphasis on increasing that export amount. Frank Novak, chair of Alberta Pork, said the Canadian pork industry has reduced its reliance on the U.S. market, but trade deals with other countries will be vital to […] Read more

Imported food prices are rising in China, such as in this grocery store in Beijing.  | REUTERS/Kim Kyung-Hoon photo

Chinese willing to pay more for imported pork

China’s import prices have been rising since last year and have even driven up international pork prices. Analysts expect this to continue this year, but Cesar Urias, market access and government programs management director for Canada Pork International, takes a more nuanced approach. Urias said those forecasts may have been reasonable last year, when pork […] Read more

Now that Canadian crushing plants have been approved by Chinese officials, canola meal is again being shipped to China, where it is mainly used as fish food.  |  File photo

Canola meal exporters welcome back China

Canadian canola meal shipments to China have exploded. Crushers shipped 656,660 tonnes of the product worth $218 million to China in 2016, up from nothing the previous year. It sounds like a new market for the product, but really it is just a market that has resurfaced after a three-year hiatus. “The main reason why […] Read more

Frank Vandenameele inspects for dockage on red lentils at Prairie Pulse in Vanscoy, Sask., Feb. 3. Exports of crops such as this one have been threatened by a demand from India that pulse crops be fumigated before entering the country.  |  William DeKay photo

Pulse export crisis looms

A policy shift in India is jeopardizing a $1 billion export market for Canadian pulses. India’s plant quarantine directorate has announced it will not extend an exemption to its methyl bromide fumigation policy. The policy calls for all shipments of agricultural commodities to be fumigated at the country of export. The problem is that it […] Read more