India pea duty slashes prices

Yellow pea prices have plunged in the wake of a dramatic policy change in India. The Indian government imposed a 50 percent import duty on peas last week without any prior warning of its intentions. Companies that are still bidding on peas have dropped their price to about $6 per bushel, down from $8 the […] Read more

Russia determined to boost grain export capacity by 50 percent

MOSCOW — Russia, which has shattered wheat harvest records three years running and is expanding production of other crops as well, aims to increase its grain export capacity by 50 percent to 7.5 million tonnes a month within three years. And its importance on world wheat markets is reflected in the CME Group’s announcement Nov. […] Read more

Surprise Indian duty on peas leaves Canada scrambling

WINNIPEG — The Canadian pea industry was shocked this morning to wake up to a notice from India declaring a 50 percent tax on pea imports to the country. “This sort of moves us beyond even where India has been before in pulse import duties.… More than a decade ago we were at 10 percent. […] Read more

India slaps duty on peas, wheat

India’s government has imposed a 50 percent duty on peas and a 20 percent duty on wheat. Pulse prices in India are suffering because of a bumper harvest of all crops in 2016-17 and a good summer crop in the current crop year. The country also still has substantial supplies of imported pulses. The Times […] Read more

‘Buy local’ trips up honey producers

In 2014, the price of Canadian honey was basically the same as U.S. honey. A U.S. Department of Agriculture national honey report from February 2014 said Canadian beekeepers received US$2.12 per pound for their honey and North Dakota beekeepers received $2.11 per lb. That parity is over. There is now a massive price gap between […] Read more

Canadian pork satisfies Japanese appetites

TOKYO, Japan — Japan’s imports of Canadian pork are rising, said Tatsuo Iwama, ex-executive director for the Japan Meat Traders Association, which comprises 30 major Japanese meat traders. “Canadian pork meets Japan’s quality and price requirements,” Iwama said. Japan Ministry of Finance figures bear Iwama out. Imports of Canadian pork rose almost 20 percent last […] Read more

EU and Canada settle cattle battle at the WTO

GENEVA, Oct 3 (Reuters) – The European Union and Canada have ended a 21-year dispute over hormone-treated meat after negotiating a wider trade agreement, they said in a filing published by the World Trade Organization on Tuesday. The settlement of the dispute at the WTO, which began in 1996, was facilitated by a liberalisation of […] Read more

Canada may become fourth largest soybean seed exporter

The crop year has come to a close, and what a year it was for Canadian grain exports and domestic use. Records were posted for canola exports and crush. Another number that stands out is soybean exports. Once Statistics Canada’s final numbers are tallied, soybean exports this year will likely be about 4.5 million tonnes, […] Read more

G3 expansion continues in eastern corridors

One of Canada’s fastest growing grain companies has added another piece to its national network of elevators and export terminals. G3 Canada officially opened a new export terminal at the Port of Hamilton in southern Ontario this week. The 50,000 tonne facility will consist of steel storage bins and primarily handle grain and oilseed crops […] Read more

Wheat imports from U.S. small compared to exports

The amount of American wheat that’s delivered to Canadian grain elevators is a drop in the bucket compared to the amount of Canadian wheat that’s sold south of the border each year. That’s according to a report prepared by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The USDA’s Report to Congress on Policy Barriers to U.S. Grain […] Read more