China set for ethanol binge as Beijing pumps up renewable fuel drive

BEIJING, Sept 13 (Reuters) – China’s bold plan to blend renewable fuels into its gasoline supply within three years will revolutionise its fledging biofuels industry, industry players said, likely spurring billions of dollars in investment in ethanol factories. On Wednesday, state media reported Beijing plans to roll out the use of a gasoline known as […] Read more

Higher U.S. ethanol content may spur demand for corn

The biggest customer of American corn may be developing more of an appetite for the crop because of a recent policy development. On April 2, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency approved E15, which is gasoline with a 15 percent blend of ethanol. Pumps had previously been allowed to sell only E10 or 10 percent blends. […] Read more

Ethanol demand could diminish as factor in corn market

The end of a major ethanol subsidy in the United States will likely slow development of the biofuel industry. However, that could be a good thing as corn demand from U.S. livestock and overseas markets rise. Corn dominates the crop markets, and its price trend has a big impact on wheat, canola and barley. Ethanol […] Read more