Nature conservancy grows in Saskatchewan

Nature Conservancy Canada has added to its Saskatchewan holdings with the acquisition of the Wideview Complex near Grasslands National Park. The 3,000-acre parcel lies between the west and east blocks of the park and was bought from a landowner in the Milk River Basin with funding from the federal and provincial governments. That brings the […] Read more

The world’s most endangered ecosystem

Ask any Canadian kid to name the world’s most endangered ecosystem and chances are you’ll hear one of the following answers: rainforests or coral reefs. There is no question that both of these are endangered. These ecosystems are the focus of international campaigns to protect hot spots of species diversity. They are the focus of […] Read more

Citizens vow to stop Ontario landfill

Plans call for the dumping of waste from across the province into a limestone quarry in Zorra Township

ZORRA, Ont. — Despite massive opposition and an approval process that could last for years, plans for a 17 million tonne landfill in southwestern Ontario are moving forward. Currently, a limestone quarry of almost 200 acres is the preferred site for Walker Environmental. It is located in Zorra Township, about two kilometers from the township […] Read more

Alberta group tackles growth in abandoned oil wells

There were more than 1,400 orphan wells in Alberta at the end of September. It’s the Orphan Well Association’s job to deal with abandoned pipelines and oil and gas wells, and these abandoned sites are likely to grow in number as the energy sector continues to suffer. “Because of low commodity prices, companies are struggling, […] Read more

Environmental charges laid in Alberta

The Alberta government has laid charges against a pair of companies for failing to comply with provincial environmental legislation. In a Nov. 14 news release, the Alberta government said Canadian National Railway Company has been charged with six counts under the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act. The charges relate to the release of a potentially […] Read more

Climate plan will have only slight impact on Alberta economy: government report

A slight economic impact has been predicted once Alberta’s new climate change policy comes into effect in January. The plan, which includes the end of coal-fired electricity plants by 2030 and higher levies on carbon emitters, would slow economic growth by .05 percent, according to a government document released Oct. 31. The government has developed […] Read more

Can farmers do more to cut emissions?

The average canola yield on the Prairies increased to 34.1 bushels per acre in 2010-13 from less than 25 bu. per acre in 2000-03. Meanwhile, greenhouse gas emissions from agricultural soil from applying nitrogen in Canada increased to 32 megatonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents in 2012 from 29 megatonnes in 2000. This means canola yields […] Read more

Keeping nitrogen from running away

A bioreactor trench 20 percent the size of a CFL end zone can filter up to 70 percent of the nitrates from an 80 acre tile drained field

Scientists around the globe are on a quest to keep cropland nitrogen out of waterways. A simple bioreactor trench filled with woodchips is one promising idea already being implemented. A great deal of research focuses on vegetated riparian buffer zones to absorb nitrogen and phosphorous, but these zones require a lot of land, which farmers […] Read more

Railways on side with emission limits

Canada’s two largest railway companies appear to be on board with Ottawa’s plan to limit polluting emissions for railway locomotives. Last month, the federal government announced its intention to place limits on Canadian locomotive emissions, bringing them in line with U.S. standards. The limits are aimed at protecting the environment and limiting the impact on […] Read more

Climate change research funded

Manitoba farm groups are taking part in a provincial program that looks for ways to reduce farm-related greenhouse gas emissions in the province. Keystone Agricultural Producers and the Manitoba chapter of the National Farmers Union are among the groups that entered new partnership agreements with the provincial conservation and water stewardship department Jan. 18. The […] Read more