VIDEO: A practical outlook

Manitoba entrepreneur applies personal philosophy about using local, healthy foods
to create thriving business

As a rich, marzipan-like scent wafts out of a tiny container of brass-gold oil that she is holding, Mila Maximets muses on years of painstaking efforts to use all parts of the tart cherries she processes. “I’m not into juices,” said Maximets, who has been manufacturing a seabuckthorn puree for five years and has just […] Read more

Winkler: ballooning with community spirit

Manitoba town’s soaring population attributed to a skilled workforce, immigration and spirit of co-operation

WINKLER, Man. — If visitors to Winkler drive around the small city looking for the multinational-owned factories that one would assume have powered the tremendous growth in the local economy, they won’t find any. However, they will see a lot of factories ringing the community of 12,000 people, almost all of them owned by local residents. […] Read more

Improving lives, part by part

ABBOTSFORD, B.C. — A small warehouse here is supplying the world with new and improved parts for air seeders. Airguard Industries owned by Brian and Kim Cruson has doubled business since they started three years ago. They deal with farmers from Norway to Australia selling specially designed parts Brian assembles in a corner of the […] Read more

Turning loss into new ventures

LA MALBAIE, Que. — Losing a job in rural Alberta can have a silver lining for those who have harboured dreams of creating their own businesses. Shane Stewart, chair of the Community Futures Network of Alberta and a building contractor near Blairmore, said many would like to get started but need support and money. “That’s […] Read more

Brothers not held back by blindness

Rural enterprise | Twin brothers operate home-based computer and baking businesses in Swan River, Man.

SWAN RIVER, Man. — Wrangling computer viruses and tempting palates are no small feats for two twins from Swan River. The 29-year-old entrepreneurs are both legally blind. Christopher Yelinek repairs, sells and sets up systems at Cat ’N’ Mouse Computers, while Devon prepares an assortment of cookies on order at Devon’s Cookies. They grew up […] Read more

Small town suds soak up praise, out-of-town traffic

Ribstone Creek Brewery | Craft brewery energizes local economy in Edgerton, Alta.

EDGERTON, Alta. — Edgerton isn’t on everyone’s driving destination yet, but at least 150 pins are stuck into a map indicating the home towns of visitors who stopped at the brewery. The original owners of Ribstone Creek Brewery didn’t set out to make the brewery into one of their village’s tourist destinations, but it has […] Read more