Farmer driven by fun, fitness

Adam Fullerton always liked making goofy videos while farming, but he never thought they would become a social media hit. Fullerton, the creator of Tractor Fitness from Lacadena, Sask., started making videos during seeding last year after getting the “seeding crazies.” “Everyone gets the same feeling in the tractor eventually, the feeling of ‘you want […] Read more

Women entrepreneurs a growing group

Demographic shift | Alberta survey shows more women than ever are starting their own businesses in new and old markets

It is becoming a woman’s world in Alberta business. An estimated 38 percent of small and medium-sized businesses in the province are owned and operated by women and that percentage is expected to grow, according to a business survey conducted by ATB Financial. The survey did not include primary agriculture but results do hold for […] Read more

Fresh start for old building

Revitalizing a community | An old school turns 
into a thriving hub for business, arts and education

CYPRESS RIVER, Man. — For two years, Linda Truelove dreaded walking past the elementary school in her community. For 50 years, from 1959 to 2009, the clamour of kids playing and shouting on the school grounds was a familiar sound in Cypress River in south-central Manitoba. After the school closed in 2009, it bothered Truelove […] Read more

A different kind of medicine

Doctor turns distiller | LB Distillers Inc. opens its doors bottling a variety of Prairie grains

Cary Bowman had an epiphany during a flight to Europe while reading an article on the surging U.S. micro-distillery movement. He wanted to be on the leading edge of a similar trend in his home province of Saskatchewan. “Being from the Prairies and having this rich resource of grains and fruit and beautiful water, it’s […] Read more

Young fisherman reels in big catch with Jerk Fish

New product development | Rural Manitoban seeks to increase his return on walleye caught in Lake Winnipeg

GIMLI, Man. — Manitoba fisherman Chris Dolman smelled an opportunity when a shipment of specialty fish bound for Gimli’s Icelandic Festival was confiscated at the port. He decided to try dehydrating the walleye he catches and selling it to a community that loves its hardfiskur. The result was Jerk Fish, which is now available in […] Read more