Potter Heather Edwards produces functional pottery like mugs and bowls as well as art pieces in her studio in Bon Accord, Alta. | Karen Morrison photo

Couple find satisfaction in getting their hands dirty

BON ACCORD, Alta. — Heather Edwards has thrown thousands of pots, but surprisingly few are collected by the Bon Accord, Alta., potter. The operator of Pottery by Heather uses the seconds not fit for sale in her family home, but doesn’t covet or collect her more ambitious pieces. “We live humbly. We drive old vehicles […] Read more

Soup fundraiser gets kittens spayed

MONTMARTRE, Sask.—Borscht for birth control is the latest business brainchild from the entrepreneurial Chittenden children. These three rural siblings, aged eight to 14, have been coming up with innovative money-making ideas for many years now, financing everything from snowmobile purchases to veterinarian bills. The latest endeavour—initiated by Maria, Grade 6, and her sister Heidi, Grade […] Read more

Darryl and Lisa Klassen in their newly-build shop near Kindersley, Saskatchewan. | Robin Booker photo

From zero to 5,400 acres in five years

Darryl Klassen’s fortunes have changed dramatically since he arrived in Kindersley, Sask., in 2012 to drive a semi-truck for an oilfield trucking company. Klassen had been farming with his brother in Austin, Man., but he was uncertain about his future at the farm. “The brother I was farming with, he had two young boys that […] Read more

Charmaine Grad observes Zeus in the hydrotherapy machine at Coyotee Flats Equine Therapy near Vibank, Sask.  |  Karen Briere photo

VIDEO: Farm takes plunge to improve animal health

VIBANK, Sask. — Zeus calmly enters the enclosure that will soon have him belly-deep in room temperature water. The treadmill starts, water begins to flow in and he walks for 25 minutes. At one point, he dips his head for a drink. As his hydrotherapy treatment ends, the water level drops and the tank empties, […] Read more

Al-Katib wins

Murad Al-Katib, head of AGT Food and Ingredients, is this year’s Canadian EY Entrepreneur of the Year. AGT Foods started production in 2003, went public in 2007 and now ships to more than 120 countries around the world. Al-Katib will now compete for Canada for EY’s World Entrepreneur Of The Year award in Monte Carlo, […] Read more

Anthony Semeniuk still uses this century-old barber’s chair to cut hair for $10 in his grocery store and liquor outlet at Pine River, Man., which sells items ranging from food to clothing. Through more than 60 years in business, he added buildings and interior furnishings from other properties like chairs from a movie theatre.  |  Karen Morrison photos

Services ranged from bread to babies

Longtime business owner in Pine River, Man., offers words of wisdom to others seeking success in life and careers

PINE RIVER, Man. — Anthony Semeniuk delivered six babies in his taxi, ran a general store and cut hair. His cab service often became an ambulance for locals in medical distress and sometimes women in labour couldn’t wait to get to the hospital. “The doctor told me what to expect and from then on, I […] Read more

Natasha Pospisil, centre, watches her son, Reese, and holds seven-month-old Tegan while serving area rancher Wendy Carpentier, a regular at the store who says she relies on its post office. |  Karen Morrison photo

General store the heart of a community

Kirriemuir Ag and Oil is a one-stop shop that brings people together, provides rural area with essential services

KIRRIEMUIR, Alta. — An infant awaits a helping of mashed carrots in a high chair in a back room and a preschooler wheels around the store on his tiny two-wheeler while store owner Natasha Pospisil takes calls about oil and antifreeze testers. “I will order in something I don’t have,” she said during breaks between […] Read more

Body Fuel Organics has a store and delivery service to 500 customers. | Tennessa Wild photo

Riding retail trend to success

It began as a Regina mother’s frustration at being unable to find organic produce to feed her family. Today, Body Fuel Organics is a growing business,delivering organic and locally sourced food through a subscription service and Regina store. Consumers can request a produce bin of goods stocked according to value and the food currently in […] Read more

Dean Siemens demonstrated how his nutcracker works at the Sundog Arts and Entertainment Faire in Saskatoon Dec. 5. The family produces the Easy Crackin’ nutcracker from their Elrose, Sask., home. | Karen Morrison photo

Family cracks market for shelled nuts

Being unique and putting a new spin on an old idea will get your product noticed among the blur of booths at craft shows, say two entrepreneurs. “Walk around and see. Think outside the box,” said Brenda Siemens of Elrose, Sask. She, her husband, Dean, and their teenagers, Randy and Bailey, create and sell the […] Read more

Brant Lake Cattle’s latest success is a deal with Federated Co-ops to sell Wagyu burgers through more than 220 Co-op stores. | Barbara Duckworth photo

Ranch builds customers by building Wagyu brand

BRANT, Alta. — Brandon Ball polished off two Wagyu burgers before heading off to tour the pens where the family raises cattle for their branded beef program. “I’m spoiled by Wagyu,” he said. His grandfather, Simmental breeder Jack Ball, became involved with bringing the Japanese cattle to Canada via the United States in 1991. The […] Read more