The original 1922 United Grain Growers elevator sign boasts a bright new look. | Karen Morrison photo

Prairie icon gets fresh new look

INGLIS, Man. — Stuart Breckon was suspended high above the prairie, painting an old elevator while his home in Houston, Texas, was being ravaged by Hurricane Harvey. Breckon, whose face and arms were splattered with white paint, was just one of many senior-aged volunteers who spent close to a week in August at the national […] Read more

Bulyea was the site of the first Saskatchewan Wheat Pool elevator in 1925. This elevator replaced it in 1968 and was closed in 2000.  |  File photo

National trust puts wooden elevators on endangered list

An historical endangered places list put together by the National Trust for Canada has placed wooden grain elevators at the top. Ray Ambrosi, a sustainability research scientist in Regina said the 6,000 wooden grain elevators that once dotted the prairie landscape now number less than 1,000. “They should have been protected more properly a decade […] Read more