Sask. ponders options for education reform

A report delivered to Saskatchewan Education Minister Don Morgan this month suggests three main options for education governance structure in the province. Dan Perrins, a long-time civil servant now retired, was tasked with examining K-12 governance with a view to meeting two key provincial targets: reducing the difference in graduation rates between aboriginal and non-aboriginal […] Read more

Sex trafficking: not just an urban problem

Sex trafficking doesn’t just happen in Canada’s big cities. That’s the message that Joy Smith, founder of the Joy Smith Foundation and a former Manitoba MP, will deliver in a presentation in Yorkton, Sask., Dec. 6. “I have found out it’s as prevalent in small towns as it is in the big cities,” she says. […] Read more

Farms welcome visitors with open arms

ST. NORBERT, Man. — Everyone, at least everyone in St. Norbert, Man., seems to know Louise May. As May stood next to a gate on her farm, letting kids and adults into a pen holding dairy goats and alpacas, about every 30 seconds a new person walked up and gave her an enthusiastic hug or […] Read more

Scholarships ease burden for agriculture student

GILBERT PLAINS, Man. — Christopher Manchur will enter the University of Manitoba’s college of agriculture next month better off than many of his rural classmates. Community service and strong marks made him a candidate for numerous scholarships that will pay for most of his first-year expenses. That’s especially helpful for the 18-year-old from Gilbert Plains, […] Read more

Teachers a key source of support

Teachers can play an important support role for students battling substance abuse simply by listening to them. Allan Kehler, speaking at the National Congress on Rural Education in Saskatoon last week, suggested starting the conversation with, “I don’t mean to pry, but I just wanted to let you know I am concerned.” “The most important […] Read more

Program puts students in shoes of subsistence farmers

Canadian Foodgrains Bank initiative offers insight into the lives of small-scale farmers in countries without food security

WINNIPEG — “Has anyone heard of a country called Burkina Faso?” Roberta Gramlich asked the Grade 7 students meeting in the Linden Meadows school library. No one moved or made a sound for five seconds, until a female student timidly raised her hand. “In Asia?” Gramlich smiled and didn’t seem troubled by the incorrect guess, […] Read more

VIDEO: Urban agriculture class opens eyes

MORINVILLE, Alta. — Most of the students in the urban agriculture program at Morinville Community High School know urban, but few know anything about agriculture. Teacher Neil Korotash knows the Grade 10 and 11 students in his urban agriculture class likely won’t turn into farmers after taking a semester-long course on food and agriculture, but […] Read more

Small-town college offers big city education

MUENSTER, Sask. — St. Peter’s College has been open for almost 100 years and its rural feel is still attracting students making the transition to city life. The college, barely visible from the highway that passes the small village of Muenster, is set amidst 500 acres of mixed forest and organic farmland. Built in 1921 […] Read more

Student eager for knowledge, skills to succeed

Agricultural machinery technician | Agronomy student learns how to grow crops and to keep equipment running

Next time your clutch is slipping, ask Katelyn Duncan about it. The young farmer has wanted to learn the mechanical side of agriculture for years. Now she can tear down an engine and put it back together with no missing pieces. When it’s running, she can visualize and hear its moving parts, understanding how they […] Read more

Teaching in a digital age

Will books become extinct? | Study shows many students rely on the internet for information

SASKATOON — It was on a bus trip with his daughter’s Grade 6, 7 and 8 schoolmates that Jay Wilson got the urge to conduct his latest survey. The University of Saskatchewan education professor noticed only one was reading a book out of the 50 kids on the two-hour bus ride. The rest spent their […] Read more