Supply? Demand? What are we dealing with?

Economists and analysts are wrestling with enormous uncertainty

Most of what goes into creating the price of crops and livestock comes from supply and demand. More supply and less demand? Probably lower prices. More demand and less supply? Probably higher prices. It’s a little bit more complex than that, but those are some of the basics. But how do you project future prices […] Read more

A study commissioned by the National Farmers Union is the first to calculate a monetary value for agriculture in the United Kingdom. Here, dairy cattle graze in a field near Perthshire, Scotland.
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U.K. farming delivers value for the dollar

A study commissioned by the National Farmers Union in the United Kingdom has calculated that the country’s agriculture industry provides a return of $12.07 for every $1.63 invested. The study was conducted to highlight the importance of U.K. farming as the nation heads into Brexit negotiations to leave the European Union common market. It marks […] Read more

Economist sees lower land prices in crystal ball

GUELPH, Ont. — Ontario farmland values may be about to soften, according to a speaker here at an economic outlook conference on May 26. “If I have to look in the crystal ball, I’d say you can expect changes in farmland prices next year, farmland prices going down,” University of Guelph agricultural economist Brady Deaton […] Read more

A Farm Credit Canada analyst thinks 2015 will be a great year for livestock producers and grain farmers  could still post profits.   |  File photo

Video: Markets weaker but profits remain

Margins will be tighter next year, but most facets of farming will still be using the black ink cartridge, says Farm Credit Canada. J.P. Gervais, FCC’s chief agricultural economist, told Agri-Trend’s 2014 Farm Forum Event that grain and oilseed prices are down and input costs are up, but there is still money to be made […] Read more

‘Dutch disease’: is it real?

Dutch disease is a potential problem for part of Canada, an economist says, but not the part that most people expect. According to one of the co-authors of an in-depth study about the possibility of Dutch disease affecting Canada, the booming West faces the greatest impacts from the commodity sector boom. “If there is a […] Read more