Trump presidency called good news for U.S. agriculture

CHICAGO, Ill. — U.S. farmers can expect favourable farm policies coming out of Washington under a Donald Trump presidency, says an insider. “The president of the United States, the most powerful man in America and perhaps the most powerful man in the world, owes his fate to the people of rural America,” Chuck Conner told […] Read more

New forecast points to slow spring next year

CHICAGO, Ill. — Forecasters thought La Nina would be the major weather factor in 2017, but its looking more like La Nada, says Bryce Anderson, DTN’s senior agricultural meteorologist. The Australian Bureau of Meteorology says the likelihood of a La Nina developing is now low. That viewpoint is shared by the U.S. National Weather Service’s […] Read more

Market analyst says too many balls to juggle

CHICAGO, Ill. — Darin Newsom said this was the most difficult market outlook presentation he has put together in the last decade. There are too many wild cards and no clear path forward for grain and oilseed markets. With that caveat, he provided his best guess where soybean, corn and wheat prices are heading. Newsom […] Read more

Sky isn’t falling, but it’s dark

CHICAGO, Ill. — The downturn in the American farm economy will continue for a while, says a U.S. banker. “This is not going to be over at the end of 2017,” Curt Hudnutt, chief commercial officer of Rabo Agrifinance, told delegates attending the 2016 DTN Ag Summit. Rabo sees worsening losses next year in corn […] Read more

Fund buyers send soybean futures prices off kilter

CHICAGO, Ill. — Crop markets are not behaving as they should given the fundamentals, says an analyst. “There’s a lot of things going on in our markets that really don’t seem to make sense,” said Tregg Cronin, a farmer and broker from South Dakota. When that happens, he looks to the basis and spreads for […] Read more