Dry bean carryout in Canada and the United States is expected to be far lower than the market originally anticipated, particularly for black and navy beans.  | File photo

Dry beans may be casualty of acreage battle

Canadian and American producers are expected to plant fewer beans this year, despite strong demand for the crop 

Dan Sturt thinks Agriculture Canada’s 2021 dry bean acreage estimate is about right. The government is forecasting that Canadian farmers will plant 395,200 acres of the crop this spring, a 13.5 percent drop from last year. Sturt, who is a dry bean broker with DW Sturt & Co. in Michigan, said he anticipates a similar […] Read more

The USDA forecasts a 36 per cent increase in bean production over last year. | File photo

Perfect growing conditions for dry beans

The drought in the United States that has dramatically reduced corn and soybean yields hasn’t had the same effect on the dry bean crop. “What we’re going to have is going to be probably a typical crop,” said Larry Sprague, export sales manager with Kelley Bean Co., a Nebraska firm that is one of the […] Read more