Myriam Fernandez, an Ag Canada scientist in Swift Current, Sask., has studied fusarium head blight for more than two decades. She believes organic growers may have fewer problems with fusarium because the organic system wards off the fungal disease. |  Photo courtesy of Agriculture Canada Swift Current

Why organic wheat escaped fusarium last year

Researchers say practices such as proper varieties and rotations are just as important as fungicides in disease control

One thing is clear to Myriam Fernandez. Fungicides are one tool to tackle fusarium head blight, along with longer crop rotations and growing varieties with the highest possible resistance. But fungicides aren’t the only tool. “If you’re going to rely on fungicide application as the solution for your FHB problem, if you don’t do anything […] Read more

The Canadian Sheep Federation wants more sheep and goat producers to have animals tested to determine the prevalence of scrapie in Canada.  |  File photo

Support for goat, sheep producers

The Canadian sheep and goat industries are stepping up efforts to deal with scrapie, a fatal brain wasting disease. The federal government recently announced $345,720 for the Canadian Sheep Federation to implement its scrapie eradication strategic plan for sheep and goats. The money, provided through Growing Forward 2, will be used to enhance national surveillance […] Read more

The United States wants antibiotics removed from livestock feed and water by 2016. Health Canada has released a plan to address antimicrobial resistance, but it is not yet clear how it will affect livestock management.  |  File photo

Bacteria’s ability to resist drugs an international issue

Global surveillance needed | Countries take action on antibiotic use

ATLANTA, Ga. — Global surveillance of antimicrobial resistant bacteria is needed because these bugs are on the move. “Any country with antibiotic resistance is a global concern,” said Tom Chiller, who oversees diseases carried in food, water and the environment for the Centers for Disease Control in the United States. He told an antimicrobial resistance […] Read more