Higher food prices have pros and cons

  Governments in developing countries sought for decades to keep food prices low so that they could depress wages and attract investment in manufacturing. Cheap food also kept a lid on urban discontent while ensuring a steady supply of cut-rate labour fleeing rural penury. The Canadian Foodgrains Bank and other groups have long argued against […] Read more

Helping women farmers key to future aid programs: Foodgrains bank

Many agriculture aid and assistance programs must be redesigned if they are to help hundreds of millions of female farmers in the developing world, says a Canadian Foodgrains Bank Report. Women do much of the world’s farming, and much of the world’s most important, life-sustaining farming, but farming, cultural, financial and governmental systems don’t treat […] Read more

Women key to international food security

Canadian International Development Agency | Investment in small scale farms improves production and livelihoods

The Canadian government says its international development efforts to fight world hunger concentrate on programs to help small-scale women farmers who hold the key to developing world food production. Lois Brown, parliamentary secretary to international co-operation minister Bev Oda, said in a March 27 Ottawa speech that the agricultural focus of the Canadian International Development […] Read more