VIDEO: Dairy Learning Centre gives sector a boost

VERMILION, Alta. — Farmers and faculty point to Lakeland College’s new Dairy Learning Centre as a key element in advancing Alberta’s milk industry. “We’ve come a long way from the bucket and the milking stool,” said Tom Kootstra, chair of Alberta Milk, during the official opening in Vermilion Aug. 22. “Some of the (students) here […] Read more

U.K.’s first slaughter-free dairy farm gets home

A dairy farm in the United Kingdom where older cows can spend their retirement has moved to a permanent home. The farm called Ahimsa Dairy was previously on rented land in Leicestershire but it is moving to property it recently bought in Rutland. Cows on the Ahimsa farm are not slaughtered; instead, they are allowed […] Read more

Abuse of cattle nets jail timefor B.C. dairy workers

Three men who pleaded guilty to 18 counts of abusing cattle at a British Columbia dairy farm in 2014 are going to jail. Jamie Visser and Chris Vandyke were each sentenced to 60 days in jail and prohibited from owning animals for three years. Travis Keefer will serve seven days and is prohibited from owning […] Read more

Mission: less emission

Alberta dairy farm joins international research study to examine feed efficiency and lower methane emissions in cattle herds

When the Brouwer family was approached to take part in landmark research for dairy improvement, they jumped at the chance. Sunalta Dairy at Ponoka, Alta., has become part of the international efficient dairy genome project to study feed efficiency and methane emissions in thousands of dairy cows. The Canadian-led study runs from 2015-19 and is […] Read more

Dairy farmers look to improve

HANNOVER, Germany — Justifying modifications of existing farm equipment and systems is generally is done by looking at cost savings, yield gains or both. And when positive cash flow is tight, even the choices that pay can be hard to make. A British company says that despite the difficult times for European dairy farmers, it […] Read more

Programs help dairy sector offset impact of CETA

Federal agriculture minister announced $350 million in programs to boost productivity and competitiveness

Canadian dairy farmers and processors say a federal innovation package announced last week is only one step toward helping the sector cope with the challenges of trade deals. The organizations representing the industry said $350 million is welcome, but it may take more than that to mitigate the effects of trade. Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay […] Read more

Ottawa to help dairy farmers adjust to CETA with $350 million

Canada’s agriculture and trade ministers today announced a $350 million investment in two programs designed to help the dairy industry through the implementation of the European trade agreement. Producers will be eligible for a share of $250 million, over five years, to help them update farm technology and equipment, such as robotic milkers, automated feeding […] Read more

Calf feeding system mimics Mother Nature

The inventor says it provides many of the advantages that can be obtained by assigning calves a dedicated nurse cow

WOODSTOCK, Ont. — A farmer drew inspiration from his family’s dairy farm and its raising of dairy calves and other young ruminants. He noticed there were advantages to having calves on a dedicated nurse cow. “We saw how well they did with consistent feeding and more frequent feeding. That makes a huge difference,” Lester Martin […] Read more

Composted manure has drawback

Mary Ann Doré had the best of intentions when she designed and built a new dairy barn in 2011. Doré, who farms with husband Joe and her brother, Graham Johnston, near New Dundee, Ont., wanted the barn to be sustainable, and she hoped to set high standards for cow comfort. They installed solar panels to […] Read more

Canada to compensate dairy farmers for Europe trade deal

WINNIPEG, Manitoba, May 2 (Reuters) – The Canadian government said on Monday it would compensate the country’s dairy farmers for increased European imports allowed under a pending free trade deal. The government will meet with the dairy industry within the next 30 days to discuss compensation, said Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay and International Trade Minister […] Read more