CWB class action seeks move to Manitoba court

Lawyers representing Manitoba farmer Andrew Dennis have filed a statement of claim with the Court of Queen’s Bench in Winnipeg, seeking certification for a class action lawsuit on behalf of all western Canadian farmers who delivered wheat and barley to the Canadian Wheat Board during the 2010-11 and 2011-12 crop years. The statement of claim, […] Read more

CWB not coming back, say Liberals

Even if it wanted to, the federal Liberal government couldn’t restore the Canadian Wheat Board and a single-desk marketing system for wheat. Last week, 50 farmers at a Manitoba meeting voted to restore the board, after which NDP leader Tom Mulcair raised the issue in the House of Commons during Question Period Feb. 16. “The […] Read more

Producer meeting calls for CWB return

A group of producers hopes to reverse a decision made nearly five years ago: the termination of the Canadian Wheat Board’s monopoly on wheat and export barley sales. A former CWB director and other board supporters met Feb. 10 in Swan River, Man., where more than 50 producers called on the federal government to re-establish […] Read more

Producers cautious to news of CWB deal

CWB is going to have to get bigger and prove that it is serious about wanting farmer involvement, say leaders of western Canadian farm organizations. The company’s elevator shortage and the possibility that the new owners could buy out the farmer share are tempering enthusiasm among many producers. “It would be a lot more palatable […] Read more

Bunge, Saudi entity buy majority stake in CWB

Map of G3 Canadian assets UPDATED: FRIDAY APRIL 17, 2015 – 1319 CST –  Bunge boss of two years faces pressure to improve results  UPDATED: FRIDAY APRIL 17, 2015 – 1145 CST –  Farmer questions about CWB deal UPDATED: THURSDAY APRIL 16, 2015 – 1525 CST – Sask. ag minister likes CWB deal UPDATED: THURSDAY […] Read more

CWB pools flexible, futures price based

Winter Pool, Futures Choice | Farmers can 
sign up until Feb. 15 with delivery by July 31

The CWB is launching two new pools, including one that enables farmers to choose a price based on futures values. The Winter Pool will operate like traditional pools and features a six-month pooling period that enables farmers to capture late-season prices. The Futures Choice Winter Pool is similar to the Winter Pool, but gives the […] Read more

Elected CWB directors fail at governance

For the first time in my farming history, it’s near the end of October and all of the wheat I produced this year is delivered and sold. The CWB exercised authority over farmers’ wheat since 1943. Farmers were required to get a permit book under which grain deliveries were allowed. The CWB exercised stringent control […] Read more

CWB pleased with grain movement, producer interest

Wheat committed to CWB pools is moving through the commercial grain handling system as expected, CWB officials said last week. However, some elevator companies in Western Canada are still not taking delivery of new crop CWB grain at certain locations, they added, stressing that delivery opportunities will improve as the marketing year progresses. “(Grain) companies […] Read more

CWB eliminates variety survey

Western Canada’s new leaner CWB will not be conducting its annual variety survey this year. CWB spokesperson Maureen Fitzhenry said corporate downsizing has forced the agency to scale back programming and focus on core marketing initiatives. The variety survey was launched in the late 1990s and was viewed by the industry as an important tool […] Read more

Richardson, Dreyfus join others, sign deals for CWB grain

More access for farmers | Agreement also provides CWB with access to Richardson’s port facilities

CWB has signed another commercial grain handling agreement, this one with Richardson International, the largest privately owned grain handling company in Canada. The deal means farmers who sell their grain through CWB will have access to more than 170 delivery points across the West, including 41 Richardson Pioneer facilities located in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. […] Read more