Mennonites form important rural backbone

While many come to work during harvest, some Low German Mennonites are starting to make Ontario their permanent home

LEAMINGTON, Ont. — Low German-speaking Mennonites have become an integral and vital part of southwestern Ontario, but also remain, in many respects, a people apart. Perhaps 25 percent of the 40,000 in the region are migratory, moving north for agricultural work in spring and then back to their homes in Latin America following the harvest. […] Read more

Hutterite photographer walks fine line

Balancing tradition with modern | “I am trying to tell the Hutterite story,” says 19-year-old Kelly Hofer

Scrolling through the pictures on Kelly Hofer’s website is like peeking through a curtain to glimpse life on a Hutterite colony. Hofer’s pictures show children setting the tables for a wedding, children singing Christmas carols with their faces lit by candles and women putting the finishing touches to rows of pies. The 19-year-old is using […] Read more