Growers find new uses for cultivator

Salford RTS 1100 | Lightweight machine for small seed crops can seed wheat

Matt Kremeniuk, who uses his Salford RTS 1100 to apply fertilizer, under-seed timothy and seed canola and barley, says wheat will be the next crop to be seeded using vertical tillage. After two years using the RTS 1100, Kremeniuk said light weight seeding rigs with shallow working tools are the obvious winners when it comes […] Read more

Reseeding rampant as winter wheat fails in western Manitoba

It was painfully obvious to Garth Butcher when the snow finally melted this spring that his winter wheat didn’t survive the dry fall and long, cold winter. He thinks most of the crop probably died before winter because his fields were virtually barren of vegetation in May. “We had large areas in our fields that […] Read more

Prairie soybean plant unlikely

Industry interest | While growing, soybean acres remain too small

There is little to no chance that a major agribusiness will build a soybean crushing plant on the Prairies, industry insiders say. Manitoba’s soybean acres have surpassed Quebec, and the province’s farmers are expected to grow a million acres this year. These developments have prompted producers to speculate if a company such as Bunge, Archer […] Read more

Lightweight flyer can give farmers a lift

Eagle-eye photos | New spin on precision agriculture gives agronomists an alternative to satellite imaging

WOODSTOCK, Ont. — Satellite imaging is an important tool for agronomists, but sometimes the clouds get in the way. “Satellites fly over five to 10 days. You get clouds sometimes. Then five to 10 days to get results,” said Felix Weber of Palmerston, Ont., who advises farmers on managing their land and crops. “Meanwhile, your […] Read more

Analysts say fall rally possible

Crop prices are down from summer highs, but leading market analysts think the slump might be ending. Most think the price highs won’t be repeated or exceeded this year, but some think 2013 could see a higher peak. “I think we have a fairly firm bottom in the grain markets right now,” said David Hightower, […] Read more

West to become significant corn, soybean producer

GEORGETOWN, Ont. — The northwest migration of North America’s leading grain and oilseed crops will continue unabated, according to a top seed company. “There’s a huge opportunity for corn and soybeans in Western Canada that we’re really extremely well positioned to exploit,” said DuPont Pioneer president Ian Grant. Breeding advancements have allowed corn and soybean […] Read more