For the first time ever, Canadian farmers planted more canola than all wheat, including durum, according to Statistics Canada.
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Canola finally out-seeds wheat

King wheat has finally lost its crown, but analysts believe it has been only temporarily misplaced. For the first time ever, Canadian farmers planted more canola than all wheat, including durum, according to Statistics Canada. Growers planted a record 22.8 million acres of the oilseed versus 22.4 million acres of the cereal, according to the […] Read more

Reduced herbicide use is one of the key benefits of genetically modified crops.  |  File photo

New York Times ignored GM crop benefits

The New York Times claimed Oct. 29 that it had conducted an “extensive examination” of genetically modified crops and found their benefits to be lacking. The use of the word “‘extensive” by the media is a bit of an oxymoron. It is certainly the case in this situation because the Times would appear to have […] Read more

Producers around Arborg, Man., in the RM of Bifrost-Riverton want more drainage ditches to look like this one, which was improved in the last year. The region struggled with excess moisture in the 2000s so producers formed a co-operative to enhance drainage and mitigate water related problems in the RM.  |  Robert Arnason photo

Adapting crops to wet soil

ARBORG, Man. — It’s almost as if Lorne Johnson is moving from the shallow to the deep end of a pool as he walks into a field of soybeans north of his farm. The soybeans become progressively taller the farther he walks into the field, until Johnson is waist deep in 1.1 to 1.2 metre […] Read more

Farmers hear about new crop lines

Prairie farmers got a sneak preview last week at some of the country’s most promising new agricultural crops. They included new durum varieties with significantly higher yields, spring wheat lines with improved fusarium tolerance and new high-yielding red lentils expected to outyield check varieties by as much as 10 percent. The new products, some of […] Read more

The reclassification is intended to narrow the range of gluten strength parameters within the CWRS class, establishing Carberry as the lower threshold for gluten strength and Glenn the upper threshold.  |  File photo

CGC to reclassify 29 wheat varieties

According to the commission’s website, the CWRS varieties already scheduled for reclassification include:

The Canadian Grain Commission is going ahead with a plan to reclassify 25 varieties in the Canada Western Red Spring wheat class. The commission announced July 29 that 25 CWRS varieties, including Lillian, Unity, Harvest and Kane, will be reclassified Aug. 1, 2017. The decision was based on consultations with domestic and international stakeholders, including […] Read more

Top quality durum is getting bids of $15 to $17 per bu., but farmers generally don’t get anywhere near that price when they deliver to the elevator. Durum that grades as feed sells for $4 or less per bu. | File photo

Little durum fetching top price

Durum market | Quality issues mean few farmers are able to get top prices at elevators

Durum at the elevator is worth $15 per bushel … and $4 per bu. … and $8 to $9 per bu. The value depends on multiple specifications that elevators and companies are looking at differently, say analysts in the United States and Canada. “It’s got to be perfect stuff (for top prices),” said analyst Mike […] Read more

Flood makes mess in Manitoba

SOURIS, Man. — Farms in this area are a mess. And that’s making this year seem worse to many local farmers than 2011, when most seeded zero acres. Farmers are generally stuck with two types of crops: rotten-looking seeded crops, some of which are OK and others that are saturated and drowned, and massive weed […] Read more

Despite the cold soil, Gord Peters and son Trent (in tractor) begin planting  durum on one of their fields north of Cadillac, Sask. May 7.  |  William DeKay photo

Spring brings déjà vu for some

Rain delays seeding | Southwestern Manitoba’s soggy fields remind farmers of 2011 conditions

For Rob Pettinger, 2014 is starting to resemble the forgettable spring of 2011. Pettinger, who farms near Elgin, Man., said 75 millimetres of rain have fallen on his land over the last couple of weeks. In a best case scenario, he won’t begin seeding until the last week of May. “We haven’t done anything. We […] Read more

Brennan Turner of FarmLead says farmers can market crops online successfully with increased price transparency.  |  File photo

Growers take sales online

New business model | Canadian companies allow farmers to conduct sales without brokers

Cutting out the middleman is an ancient business strategy, but two of the most innovative ways of doing that have recently come from tiny startups run by young Canadians. After a year of running their respective non-traditional marketing systems, the operators of Agriprocity and FarmLead say the farmer-to-user model is expected to become a bigger […] Read more

Ukraine is now expected to lose only 1.2 million acres of winter grain, down sharply from the previous estimate of 3.7 million acres.  |  File photo

Resumed seeding eases weather risk to Black Sea harvest

KIEV (Reuters) — Thanks to drier weather, seeding of winter crops has resumed on farms in Ukraine and Russia, easing fears of a drastic drop in the winter crop in the region in 2014. Ukraine will only lose up to 1.2 million acres of winter grain sowings for 2014, sharply down from its previous estimate […] Read more