Take two aspirins and call me at harvest time

Millions of people take an aspirin a day to prevent stroke and heart attack, but researchers say an active ingredient found in aspirin also gets crops off to a healthier start. Brazilian plant scientists have discovered that the same salicylic acid that is a basic ingredient in common aspirin and skin care products holds the […] Read more

Ottawa research farm under threat

OTTAWA — Ottawa author Richard Hinchcliff has been a friend of his city’s Central Experimental Farm for most of his adult life. “The crop research done there is important right across the country,” he says. “The research is still of great practical benefit, including cereal and oilseeds.” Besides the historic farm buildings, public spaces include […] Read more

Yield study tallies gains from inputs, seed technology

Analysts determined that plant science innovations provided an economic benefit of $7.1 billion annually

Pesticides and modern seeds are popular with farmers because they protect and enhance yields. While it might be unclear exactly how much these technologies contribute to yield, an Ottawa consul-tancy says it’s a lot. In the case of canola, pest control products and modern plant breeding may increase yields by more than 54 percent, said […] Read more

Wheat projects get $750,000

The Alberta Wheat Commission is investing nearly $750,000 in five wheat-related research projects in Alberta and Ontario, the commission announced this week. The investments are part of AWC’s commitment to provide western Canadian wheat farmers with innovative tools and solutions that improve crop performance and profitability. “Investing in research is a key priority for AWC […] Read more

Sask. crop research receives $7 million

Forty Saskatchewan crop research projects got the good news about funding yesterday in Saskatoon. “Funding for these projects ensures the long-term success of this industry and the province,” Saskatchewan agriculture minister Lyle Stewart said while announcing the $7 million funding package to a meeting at CropSphere. ALL of our CropSphere/Crop Week coverage is available here […] Read more

Study rates canaryseed response to nutrients

WHITE CITY, Sask. — Researchers know that canaryseed responds to chloride more than other cereal crops and advise growers to apply it as potash to give the crop what it needs. However, questions remain about whether canaryseed responds differently to other macro and micronutrients. Bill May, an Agriculture Canada researcher at Indian Head, Sask., ran […] Read more

Crop report

MANITOBA Southwest Sporadic rain and storms hit the region in the latter half of July, with precipitation amounts ranging from 15 to 40 millimetres. More precipitation in early August is needed to aid grain filling and for pasture re-growth. Aster yellows is present in canola and in flax crops at levels higher than normal. Most […] Read more

Growers question future of oats

PORTAGE LA PRAIRIE, Man. — Manitoba farmers are starting to worry as they see their only dedicated Agriculture Canada oat breeding program pushed out of Winnipeg. Amid rumours of huge cuts to breeding program staff, oat growers wonder who will develop the varieties that will keep the crop a good option for farmers. The crop […] Read more