The author argues that mainstream media and politicians are complicit in the problem of misinformation, whether it be about genetically modified food or COVID-19 vaccines. | Reuters/Clodagh Kilcoyne photo

Plenty of blame for biotech scepticism

Biotechnology began to be applied to crop agriculture in the early 1980s, with the first commercialized products coming to market in the mid-1990s. Biotech-developed crops, fruits and vegetables have been approved for production and consumption, following more than 4,400 risk assessments by government scientists in more than 70 countries. Over the past 25 years, no […] Read more

Supply chain woes now pose a threat to the U.S. food supply and farmers' ability to get crops out of fields. | File photo

‘Desperate for tires’ – Components shortage roils U.S. harvest

CHICAGO, Oct 12 (Reuters) – Dale Hadden cannot find any spare tires for his combine harvester. So the Illinois farmer told his harvest crew to avoid driving on the sides of roads this autumn to avoid metal scraps that could shred tires. New Ag Supply in Kansas is pleading with customers to order parts now […] Read more

Kazakhstan bets on construction, agriculture as growth drivers

NUR-SULTAN, Oct 12 (Reuters) – Kazakhstan hopes that foreign investment and a construction boom will help its economic growth accelerate to more than 5 percent by 2023, economy minister Aset Irgaliyev told Reuters. The oil-exporting Central Asian nation’s economy is expected to grow 3.7-4.0 percent this year, Irgaliyev said in an interview. Next year, the […] Read more

The Free Alberta Strategy outlines how the provincial government could take unilateral action through introduction of the Alberta Sovereignty Act to remove itself from federal decision making. | Screencap via Facebook/Free Alberta

Alberta, the nation: MLAs seek sovereignty

Free Alberta’s unilateral Alberta Sovereignty Act would let Alberta excuse itself from federal decision making

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the Alberta health-care system to its knees with deaths and illnesses. Now, a group of MLAs are backing an immediate declaration of sovereignty for the province. “Alberta is under assault from our own nation’s capital. There is no other way to describe what is happening,” said Rob Anderson, a former […] Read more

The focal point for natural gas problems is in Europe, but because of interconnected markets the impact is spreading around the world. | Getty Images

Rising natural gas prices add to worries about inflation

A host of problems have converged to drive the cost of natural gas higher and if they persist, it will add further to the cost of nitrogen fertilizer, an array of industrial processes and space heating  This will pile on top of already existing price inflation in farm inputs sparked by production and transportation disruptions […] Read more

Beef sales increased 27 percent during the COVID-19 pandemic, which is partly attributed to the comfort that consumers have with the meat. | File photo

Beef consumption strong during COVID but dangers loom

A food retail analyst warns producers that they must pay attention to a 41 percent increase in plant-based protein sales

Meat case sales went up during the pandemic and beef was a solid contributor to the increase, says a food distribution and retail expert. John F. T. Scott said meat sales in Canada were up 31 percent. Beef sales rose 27 percent, contributing 30 percent of meat case profitability, he said. “We think that they […] Read more

Comparing the pandemic fight to Hitler is not only a perverse defamation of those who suffered and died under that monster, it also doesn’t do their cause any favours. | Twitter/@ofaucher97 photo

COVID vaccine opponents cross a line

In 1990, Mike Godwin came up with what has since become known as Godwin’s Law for the internet: “As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches.” Over the years this has spawned another truism: “Invoke the Nazis and you’ve lost the argument.” Some of the opponents who […] Read more

Wisconsin, Minnesota, New York and Pennsylvania continue to lose dairy farms at a rapid pace. Small, family-run farms with 100 to 250 head are more common in those states. |  Reuters/Carlos Barria photo

U.S. dairy support may come too late for some

Government unveils assistance package to counter soft milk demand and weak prices but it may not save smaller farm

In August, the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced US$350 million in support for dairy farmers, who suffered through soft demand and weak milk prices in 2020 because of the pandemic. The financial assistance is part of a larger government effort to assist dairy farmers, said U.S. Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack. “(This is) the first step […] Read more

Farmfair International will be organized this year by Explore Edmonton, which took over from the now-defunct Northlands. | File photo

Farmfair watches COVID restrictions

As they keep an eye on the fourth wave of COVID-19, the new organizers of one of Canada’s top agricultural shows are continuing with plans to hold a normal event this fall in Edmonton. Farmfair International is slated to be held Nov. 10-13 for the first time since 2019. It was cancelled last year due […] Read more

“I have a PhD in pharmacology and I’m not ever going to consider using a product for one species on another. Even with all my knowledge I can’t predict what’s going to happen.” - Chris Clark, Western College of Veterinary Medicine | File photo

Vet professor warns against ivermectin as COVID drug

Western College of Veterinary Medicine’s associate dean says risk of an overdose is high when using livestock medication

Animal doses of ivermectin should not be used to treat or ward off COVID-19, says University of Saskatchewan animal science professor Chris Clark. Clark, who is also associate dean of the Western College of Veterinary Medicine, said that advice is backed up by a recent literature review by the Cochrane Library, a group of physicians […] Read more