Rising Chinese pork demand to boost exports

Hog industry observers say rising pork prices in China will eventually increase volume of product shipped from North America

Pent-up demand and constrained supply are once again driving up pork prices in the world’s largest market and that will eventually have a spill-over impact on North American prices, say analysts. Pork prices peaked in China last fall and then started a long decline as supply started to catch up with demand. The downward trend […] Read more

Western Producer reporter Ed White sat down with federal Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau last week while she was in Winnipeg.  |  Supplied photo

A deliberate and unhurried hand at the agricultural policy tiller

Marie-Claude Bibeau isn't likely to shy away from tough areas, or be rushed into "fixing" them

Federal Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau isn’t scare of talking about agricultural policy. That’s a good thing, because one thing any Canadian Agriculture Minister must be willing to do is talk about ag policy. And talk and talk and talk. Everybody wants to talk to whoever the ag minister is, and in the agriculture industry that […] Read more

Jim Carr, at the time international trade minister, talks to Brian Chorney of the Manitoba Canola Growers Association last November about an upcoming trade mission to China. Canada’s relationship with the Asian country has since deteriorated significantly.  |  File photo

Canada’s relationship with China not dead

With a heavy November snow falling, smiles were everywhere. Chilly weather wasn’t enough to cool the optimism that gripped a group of Canadian farmers’ international representatives as they shared delicacies made from Canadian beef, pork, canola, grain and other prairie farm products in a park in central Winnipeg. These political, government, industry and farmer reps […] Read more

The fatal pig disease has slashed China's hog herd by as much as half since August 2018 and has already lifted margins for processing soybeans into animal feed, Ray Young, ADM's chief financial officer, told the Stephens Nashville Investment Conference. | File photo

African swine fever in China worse than thought: ADM

CHICAGO, Ill. (Reuters) — China’s African swine fever outbreak is far more severe than previously thought and the full impact of the disease on animal feed producers has yet to be realized, Archer Daniels Midland Co. said last week. The fatal pig disease has slashed China’s hog herd by as much as half since August […] Read more

Despite enjoying the support of a high proportion of western canola growers, Conservative party leader Scheer has sounded a hawkish rather than conciliatory note when talking about China.
 | Screencap via Twitter/@AndrewScheer

With Canada-China relations, how did things ever get so far?

An opportunity for China to calm down things with Canada?

How did things ever get so far? I’m hoping somebody high up in the Chinese government is thinking that today, as its relationships with multiple countries are strained and have suffered considerable damage in the last couple of years. Canada is not the least of those strained relationships and deepening bad blood, with two Canadian […] Read more

Supporters watch the results come in at the Conservative leader Andrew Scheer's campaign headquarters during the federal election in Regina.  |  REUTERS/Carlos Osorio

Life in the afterglow of the commodity boom: Is this why we’re all so mad and raging?

Everybody wants somebody to blame. Better blame Mr CommoditiesCycle

It’s a truly dark time in Canada, with the rise of an angry, raging, denunciatory politics taking over this nation the way that it has been doing in the U.S. for a few years now. The federal election supplied ample evidence of this, with ill will and personal attacks hanging over the entire campaign. Beyond […] Read more

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe shakes hands with U.S. President Donald Trump after signing a joint statement on trade during a bilateral meeting on the sidelines of the 74th session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York City Sept. 25.  |  REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst photo

Could Canada run a two-track trade policy?

One track for the rules-following folks and one for the cheats?

We keep hoping this present worldwide binge of protectionism, geo-political bullying and bad-will will fade, subside and JUST GO AWAY! But if it doesn’t, what does Canada do? How do Canadian farmers adapt to that fact? It’s like with climate change: We hope it can be stopped, but if it can’t be, what do we […] Read more

Canada supplied 12 percent of China’s pork imports in 2018 and even more this year, which makes the government’s decision to stop all Canadian meat imports that much more surprising.  |  Jason Lee photo

China’s meat import move risks stoking consumer anger

China’s rejection of all Canadian meat is a stunning act considering forecasts that pork prices there will rise 70 percent or more in the coming months, topping records hit in 2016, as its hog herd staggers under the onslaught of African swine fever. Pork is by far the most important meat in China and accounts […] Read more

China's decision to block imports of Canadian meat has set off a global chain reaction in pork trading but it will do little to curb overall demand as a disease ravaging the Chinese hog herd elevates prices, industry experts say. | File photo

China’s shutout of Canadian meat scrambles global pork flow

WINNIPEG, Manitoba, June 26 (Reuters) – China’s decision to block imports of Canadian meat has set off a global chain reaction in pork trading but it will do little to curb overall demand as a disease ravaging the Chinese hog herd elevates prices, industry experts say. China said on Tuesday it wants the Canadian government […] Read more