CCFI's 2019 research into gauging public attitudes about Canadian agriculture and food found Canadians are more concerned about the rising cost of food and keeping healthy food affordable than they are about health-care or energy cost increases. | Getty Images

Food affordability still top consumer concern: CCFI

The Canadian Centre for Food Integrity held a webinar to look at how to better earn public trust in food and farming. Ashley Bruner, research co-ordinator for CCFI, said the COVID-19 pandemic has increased consumers’ desire to know where their food comes from. Globally, there has been a record rise in general trust, with Canada […] Read more

Is the hot dog a sandwich? How consumers answer that question shows the tricky emotions that food processors must navigate when promoting their products.  |  Getty Images

Consumers’ views a factor for protein sector

Consider the hot dog. Is it a sandwich? How the hot dog seems to consumers says a lot to plant protein food product developer and entrepreneur James Battershill about how the plant protein marketplace needs to be approached. “The reality is that consumers don’t think of a hot dog as a sandwich,” said Battershill, who […] Read more

If a consumer panel at the recent provincial beef conference is truly representative, meat buyers look at cost above anything else when deciding what to buy. | File photo

Meat price main issue for buyers

SASKATOON — If a consumer panel at the recent provincial beef conference is truly representative, meat buyers look at cost above anything else when deciding what to buy. The panel of six, four women and two men, all said they had cut back on meat purchases in the last couple of years. When asked when, […] Read more

Pierre Hucl of the University of Saskatchewan’s Crop Development Centre examines a durum wheat research project Jan. 18.  |  William DeKay photo

Wheat gets an image makeover

Wheat has become a supporting actor on the Prairies, playing second fiddle to the star of the show, canola. The crop’s status dimmed because demand growth for the staple has faded. Global oilseed demand soars because vegetable oil goes into almost all processed food and meal feeds the globe’s fast growing livestock herds, while corn […] Read more

Unless consumers trust the ways in which their food is produced, in most cases using pesticides and genetically modified varieties, those tools may disappear. | Michael Raine photo illustration

Why farmers should care what consumers think

Barb Glen reports from the farm & food care conference in Ottawa about public opinion and agricultural policy OTTAWA — Cherilyn Nagel, a grain farmer and agricultural advocate from Mossbank, Sask., used to dismiss consumer concerns about farming practices. She thought earning public trust was unimportant and there was no value in providing credible information […] Read more

The Canadian Centre for Food Integrity will be a division of Farm & Food Care, specializing in research studying consumer opinions and developing strategies that build trust in agriculture and food. It will be an affiliate of the U.S. Center for Food Integrity (website pictured above) a Missouri based organization. | screencap

Food centre to build consumer trust

Public opinion polls can be misleading, but it’s hard to ignore a survey that produces the same result year after year. For instance, a majority of Canadians consistently say they are worried about hormones in food. “We’ve known since 2006 that almost two-thirds of Canadians have concerns about hormones in their food. That’s not just […] Read more