Manitoba takes farm building legislation back to the future

New Manitoba legislation that covers farm building construction builds on Saskatchewan and Alberta foundations. Pent-up demand for new and renovated livestock barns and other farm buildings in the province is likely now that inappropriate regulations have been removed, says the provincial government and farm industry leaders. It allows Manitoba farmers to construct buildings to similar […] Read more

Materials matter

When it comes to lagoon liners and covers, Chris Ulmann says he sees more of some things than others. Intensive livestock operations can use a naturally occurring protective layer, compacted soil or synthetic liners when constructing a lagoon. Ulmann, who works with Alberta Agriculture, said he sees more compacted soils than synthetics, but there are […] Read more

Advances change composition, expand uses for wallboard

It is hard to imagine anything exciting about wallboard. After all, it has been many years since much of the world settled on some type of wall paneling because of its ease of installation. Of course, it wasn’t always that easy to finish walls, and many decades ago there was really only one choice. Stud […] Read more