Late-summer canola prices holding steady

If you had gone away for two weeks of summer holidays and came back Monday, you might think nothing had been happening in the market. But that would have only applied to the canola futures market, which has been relatively flat and rangebound since mid-July, with most other crops gradually trending down. “It’s certainly holding […] Read more

Pulses to India gain fumigation exemption extension

(This story was updated at 10 am CST) It is official – India has renewed the fumigation waver that will allow Canada-India trade in pulses to proceed. India extended the fumigation waiver until June 30, 2017. The June 30 deadline will be based on the bill of lading date, said a news release from Pulse […] Read more

Rocky road for commodities

BANFF, Alta. — Lower commodity prices are going to prove challenging not only for farmers but also for the companies that sell services and products to them, says a senior analyst at Rabobank. “Over the next five years, we see with 75 percent probability corn prices will be at or below $4.10 a bushel,” Kenneth […] Read more

Global Pulse Conference: Chickpea market

The Western Producer’s Sean Pratt is reporting from the 2016 Global Pulse Convention in Cesme, Turkey. There were more market outlook presentations during final day of the 2016 Global Pulse Convention. G. Chandrashekhar, a global agribusiness and commodity sector specialist from India, provided his thoughts on the desi chickpea market. He is forecasting 9.28 million […] Read more

Crop price rallies few, short

Don’t expect any bull runs in grain and oilseed markets for the next year or more, but there will be opportunities to lock in profitable prices, says an analyst. Mike Jubinville, president of Pro Farmer Canada, told Farm Credit Canada’s Ag Outlook 2016 that the commodity super cycle is over. “We’re going into somewhat of […] Read more

Crop price decline stabilizes but rally unlikely

Crop futures appeared to stop their multiweek fall last week as prices reached levels that reflect the prospect for large world crops. Also, excess rain in Canada and the American Midwest caused some crop damage. Worries about that helped support futures. However, I don’t expect a sustained rally from the rain. Usually, the moisture helps […] Read more

Keeping eyeon the markets exhausting

Sure, I’ll take care of it. It’s a daily, online markets column in August. I’ve been at this for 20 years, you know? I love the markets. And so it was that The Western Producer’s markets editor and senior analyst went on vacations. Summer markets stories are usually as rough as writing about a fall […] Read more

Interest in new contracts essential

Prairie farmers could soon benefit from two re-energized institutions that have long been at the centre of prairie crop pricing and marketing. Or they could see these institutions fade and fail and the new post-monopoly environment become decidedly less farmer-friendly. If either manages to repackage itself successfully, it could become central to how thousands of […] Read more

Grain trade omnipresent in Portage and Main area, but ignored

I’m always surprised by the way most Winnipeggers don’t realize the vital importance of the grain industry to downtown Winnipeg, and especially Portage and Main. The industry is the core of P and M, but few outside the area realize just how important it is. It’s certainly more important than Manitoba Hydro, which one hears […] Read more