Decades-long droughts possible on Prairies

Book’s authors hope farmers will take measures to minimize risk by understanding their vulnerability to drought

A 50-year-long drought may not be as crazy as some people think. According to a new book, it actually happened on the Prairies and not that long ago. And that’s not all. The book, titled Vulnerability and Adaptation to Drought, suggests that droughts will become longer and more severe on the Prairies in the future. […] Read more

Feds fund environmental ag research

Twenty new research projects across Canada, involving climate change mitigation, soil and water conservation, will have access to $27 million over five years from the federal agriculture department. Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay announced the funds April 21 at the University of Alberta. The funds are held within the Agricultural Greenhouse Gases Program (AGGP), which aims […] Read more

Flood risk looms for Fraser Valley farming: study

SUMMERLAND, B.C. — A new study raises alarms about potential high agricultural damages should peak water flows on the Fraser River increase as some climate change models predict. A report published by the Fraser Valley Regional District and British Columbia Agriculture and Food Climate Change Initiative calculated flood losses for three scenarios: a flood similar […] Read more

Food, lifestyle choices can help fight climate change

Climate change and urbanization are changing both the landscape and food production, said an instructor in sustainable agriculture and food systems. Mike Bomford of Kwantlen Polytechnic University brought the two together in a recent presentation to suggest a plan for urban residents who want to make a difference in the world one bite at a […] Read more

Adaptation called best plan for climate change

Two researchers tell Ottawa conference that mitigation will buy time, but farmers must start reacting to changes now

OTTAWA — Soybeans, grain corn, longer-season cereals, increased canola yields and fewer frost damaged crops: these all point to the reality of climate change and its effects in Western Canada. “Global warming is happening and it’s caused by humans,” Thomas Homer-Dixon told the Grow Canada Conference audience in Ottawa last week. The researcher from the […] Read more

Ont. crops rebound, but climate change weighs on minds

CHATHAM, Ont. — Farmers in the Great Lakes Basin may no longer be able count on stable weather patterns, according to an agronomist with AGRIS Cooperative. “We used to try to predict the future from the past and now our future is looking to be nothing like the past. We’re working on a blank piece […] Read more

Albertans protest carbon tax policy

Rally organizer says higher electricity and fuel costs will hurt the processing industry and entire economy

Those concerned about the Alberta government’s Climate Leadership Implementation Act want the legislation put to a referendum before it takes effect . Rallies were held in 11 Alberta locations Nov. 5 where participants could sign their names to petitions asking the NDP government to delay the planned Jan. 1, 2017, implementation of the act until […] Read more

Climate plan will have only slight impact on Alberta economy: government report

A slight economic impact has been predicted once Alberta’s new climate change policy comes into effect in January. The plan, which includes the end of coal-fired electricity plants by 2030 and higher levies on carbon emitters, would slow economic growth by .05 percent, according to a government document released Oct. 31. The government has developed […] Read more

Sask. tailored carbon plan better route for agriculture

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has judged the Canadian public guilty of contributing to climate change to the tune of 1.6 percent of global emissions of greenhouse gases, and he has now entered the sentencing phase. Trudeau proclaimed our guilt in April when he signed the Paris agreement, aimed at curbing global warming emissions. The agreement […] Read more

Saskatchewan premier refuses to budge on carbon tax stance

Brad Wall is opposed to the federal proposal, saying it hurts sectors like agriculture, mining and oil and gas

Saskatchewan premier Brad Wall has said the province’s climate change proposal won’t contain carbon tax exemptions for farmers. That’s OK with the president of the Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan, as long as the plan offers relief in some other way. Norm Hall said provincial greenhouse gas mitigation legislation, passed in 2010 but never proclaimed, […] Read more