Stacey Buga, programming co-ordinator at the Morinville library, prepares for Christmas activities. |  Jeremy Simes photo

Christmas festival lifts spirits, brings community together

MORINVILLE, Alta. — A Morinville museum exhibit opened a door into Christmas 100 years ago during the Alberta town’s recent Light Up the Night Festival. It included popcorn garlands, porcelain dolls, old teddy bears sitting around a tea set, ornaments made out of yarn and cookies and candles used as tree lights. “They had real […] Read more

Holidays keep Producer staff busy

News organizations fall into a category of business that also includes public utilities, food distribution and some parts of the service industry: they operate during the holidays. Your Western Producer has just passed through one of its busiest months of the year. It wasn’t the busiest from a news standpoint because those months are yet […] Read more