Neither side has released many specific details of the agreement, which the United States says is 86 pages. | REUTERS/Aly Song photo

What is actually in the U.S.-China ‘Phase One’ trade deal?

(Reuters) – The United States and China have agreed on the terms of a “Phase One” trade deal that reduces some U.S. tariffs on Chinese goods and is said to boost Chinese purchases of American farm, energy and manufactured goods while addressing some disputes over intellectual property. Neither side has released many specific details of […] Read more

In an announcement that seemingly came out of nowhere, the Canadian Pork Council and Canadian Meat Council issued press releases early Tuesday afternoon, saying meat exports to China could resume. | File photo

Beef, pork exports to China to resume

UPDATED: November 5, 2019 1445 CST – After months of no sales, Canada can once again export pork and beef to China. This morning, just before lunch, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted that Canadian pork and beef sales to China could resume. The Canadian Pork Council and Canadian Meat Council congratulated Trudeau and the government […] Read more

Despite enjoying the support of a high proportion of western canola growers, Conservative party leader Scheer has sounded a hawkish rather than conciliatory note when talking about China.
 | Screencap via Twitter/@AndrewScheer

With Canada-China relations, how did things ever get so far?

An opportunity for China to calm down things with Canada?

How did things ever get so far? I’m hoping somebody high up in the Chinese government is thinking that today, as its relationships with multiple countries are strained and have suffered considerable damage in the last couple of years. Canada is not the least of those strained relationships and deepening bad blood, with two Canadian […] Read more

Doug Zink checks the quality of soil in his soybean field near Carrington, North Dakota, in August.  |  REUTERS/Dan Koeck photo

Trump’s trade-war aid sows farmer frustration

ROCHESTER, Minn., (Reuters) — The U.S. government is paying Texas cotton farmer J. Walt Hagood US$145 an acre for losses related to President Donald Trump’s trade policies. But Minnesota soybean farmer Betsy Jensen will get just $35 an acre. Both farmers’ sales have taken heavy blows in Trump’s trade war with China. Neither understands why […] Read more

“The globe is round and commodities flow and are fungible,” Duanjie Chen, an economist and analyst with the Macdonald-Laurier Institute, writes in a research paper on China’s economic pressure campaign against Canada.
 “China cannot diminish the global market for canola and other agrifood products.”
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Chinese sales boycott not a long-term disaster for canola

Do you think much about fungibility? Perhaps not always, but I suspect you’re now taking rather more than a passing interest in the academic question of how fungible Canada’s canola crop is. After all, if you’re the average prairie farmer, canola is your most consistently profitable crop and likely the key to your future success […] Read more

Relations between China and Canada are strained due to China’s ban of Canadian canola and the arrest of two Canadian citizens there. Many in Canada believe China’s actions were in retaliation for Canada’s arrest of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou, under a United States extradition request. However, the pork situation is different and it should be resolved quickly, observers said. | File photo

Meat ban not political: sector

A Chinese ban on pork and beef should not damage Canada’s international reputation as a reliable supplier of safe and high quality food, said industry officials. Falsified export certificates on a shipment of frozen pork that landed in China earlier this month caused the ban, according to the Chinese government. The product also tested positive […] Read more

The justification for the total block is that China said it had found a number of fake veterinary health certificates for meat products imported from Canada because of poor supervision, the newspaper said. | File photo

China to halt all meat imports from Canada – media report

OTTAWA, June 25 (Reuters) – China will turn away any “meat products” shipped from Canada starting on Wednesday, according to a report in Le Journal de Montreal, citing an official in the office of the Chinese consulate general in Montreal. The justification for the total block is that China said it had found a number […] Read more

Send Chretien to crack China’s coldness?

It was a nostalgic feeling last week to hear the names “Mulroney” and “Chretien” being batted around in the national news again, connected with each other. The former Prime Ministers weren’t fighting, but rather Brian Mulroney was said to be lobbying present PM Justin Trudeau to dispatch Jean Chretien to China to try to fix […] Read more