Terry Gabert, left, and Brett Jans check out the CPS wheat during the harvest.
|  Mary MacArthur photo

Video: Alberta foodgrains project huge success

EDBERG, Alta. — It took the Edberg District Growing Project three hours to harvest 90 acres of wheat and raise $37,120.87 for the Canadian Foodgrains Bank. Harvest may have been quicker, but organizers stopped the five combines at the end of the field to line up for the prerequisite picture of all the combines coming […] Read more

A new world record of 249 combines harvesting on the same field at the same time was set at the Harvest for Kids, held Oct. 6 near Saskatoon. | Robin Booker photo

Harvest For Kids

Saskatchewan farmers now hold the world record for the most combines harvesting on a single field at the same time. Harvest For Kids, organizers of the record setting event, set out to beat the record of 208 combines set in Ireland last July. It prepared 249 swaths on a 200 acre oat field 25 kilometres […] Read more

Ryan Williamson wipes sweat from his brow in 30 C heat as he waits for combines to fill the super B grain hauler he is driving on behalf of Groenenboom Farms of Coalhurst, Alta. That farm and many others bought some of the barley that will come off this field, and all donated the purchase price to the Canadian Foodgrains Bank.  |  Barb Glen photo

Sweat and satisfaction of harvesting for foodgrains

PICTURE BUTTE, Alta. — The golden dust of barley harvest settled on Andre Visscher Aug. 21 as he stood in a field and thought of other harvest gold he saw in Ethiopia last year. The Alberta regional co-ordinator for the Canadian Foodgrains Bank visited recipients of funds from Canadian charitable farm projects. One couple received […] Read more