The beef industry sustainability study looked at water, greenhouse gas emissions, land use, waste and social and economic assessments.
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Beef gets good sustainability grade

BANFF, Alta. — A wide-ranging report assessing the sustainability of the Canadian beef industry shows producers are going in the right direction, says the chair of one of the committees involved. The national beef sustainability assessment and strategy took more than two years to complete and is expected to give groups such as the Canadian […] Read more

Research by the Livestock and Forage Centre of Excellence can play a key role in the growth of Canada’s beef sector.  |  File photo

Forage Centre of Excellence key to sector success

Alberta has set noble goals for cattle production: reduce winter feeding costs by 50 percent, reduce a cow herd’s environmental footprint by 15 percent and improve cow efficiency by 15 percent. Alberta Beef Producers recently outlined these and other relevant goals pertaining to the long-term sustainability of cattle production in Canada. The effort and clarity […] Read more