Grazing lease rate change proposed in Alta.

The new fee system would fluctuate with cattle markets and see the current four zones replaced by two

FORT MACLEOD, Alta. — Five Alberta groups with direct interests in grazing leases have agreed on a proposal to modify lease rates that haven’t been changed since 1994. The Alberta Grazing Leaseholder’s Association, Alberta Beef Producers, the Western Stock Growers Association, the Northern Alberta Grazing Association and the Central Alberta Grazing Association are signatories to […] Read more

Check corn cobs for mycotoxins: expert

Dangerous levels of mycotoxins have been found in standing corn in eastern Alberta and western Saskatchewan. If cattle eat stalks and leaves but refuse to eat the cobs when grazing, that is a red flag something is wrong, said forage specialist Barry Yaremcio of Alberta Agriculture. “That is completely backwards. The first thing you see […] Read more

New forage variety intended to reduce bloat in cattle

Grows with alfalfa | Agriculture Canada develops new sainfoin cultivar that reduces gas buildup seen in cattle foraging alfalfa

A new forage variety may reduce the threat of bloat in cattle that graze alfalfa. Mountainview, a sainfoin cultivar developed by Agriculture Canada forage breeder Surya Acharya, is a perennial that can be seeded with alfalfa and will prevent bloat in grazing cattle. Acharya announced the new variety Feb. 5 at the Alberta Forage Industry […] Read more

Rest sustains pastures

Riparian areas need care | Minimize grazing during sensitive periods

Hardworking ranchers are advised to keep rest in mind. Lorne Klein told a recent pasture school program in Saskatoon that a generation ago, the word “rest” might not have been in a prairie producer’s vocabulary or in his plans for pasture. “Up until 20 years ago, up until 30 years ago, the level of pasture […] Read more