Roundup Ready alfalfa moves closer to fields

Seeking registration | Forage Genetics International says it isn’t ready to commercialize the crop just yet

Opponents of Roundup Ready alfalfa fear the crop will be commercialized in Canada this spring, but the crop breeder says it’s too early to say. “We have heard that the industry wants to push ahead this year with Roundup Ready alfalfa,” said Lucy Sharratt, co-ordinator with the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network. Mike Peterson, global traits […] Read more

Lasers measure methane to evaluate feeding systems

LACOMBE, Alta. — A meteorologist and a pair of laser beams may hold the secret to reducing methane gas in beef cattle. Special laser beams shot along the edges of a long narrow cattle paddock at Agriculture Canada’s re-search centre at Lacombe can detect and measure the methane gas given off by a group of […] Read more

Drought to affect feedlots

U.S. weather woes continue | The cost of gain is going up due to rising feed prices

Widespread drought in the United States and rising North American feed prices will almost certainly result in more empty pens in Canadian and American feedlots this fall. Anne Dunford, a cattle market analyst with Gateway Livestock Exchange in Taber, Alta., said the number of cattle on feed in Saskatchewan and Alberta could drop below 550,000 […] Read more

Rancher warns feed buyers of ration containing ergot

225 times above allowable limit | Ergot restricts blood flow to extremities

The first sign of trouble, in hindsight, was the unusually excited behaviour of the yearlings, said Alberta rancher Wayne Brost. Then many of them went lame, which he initially thought was due to foot rot, but the condition did not respond to treatment. Then the cattle began to lose their hoofs, ears and tails. And […] Read more