Charlolais enjoying renewed popularity

Alberta family has spent generations breeding strong Charolais line based on fertility, short calving period and growth

CLYDE, Alta. — The grass at Valanjou Ranch is belly high and green, and the Charolais cows grazing through are white. This is the picture Henri Lusson envisioned when he emigrated in 1951 from the Anjou region of France to northern Alberta to become a rancher in northern Alberta. Henri and Odette Lusson started the […] Read more

Calving ease found in Longhorn

Breeder looking for low birth weight calves found success in crossing Herefords with polled Texas Longhorns

A close look at the cattle on Alfred Sattler’s farm reveals something just a little different. They’re red and they’re polled, but their heads and fronts are narrower and their frames smaller than other breeds. For Sattler and his wife, Vicky, these cattle represent 15 years of work to produce a small herd of polled […] Read more

Genomics takes bull selection to the next level

Select Sires collects semen from each bull and uses genomic information to determine high quality performers

PLAIN CITY, Ohio — Genomic analysis has changed the genetics business so that top animals are now selected on the basis of statistics rather than eye appeal. “One of the things that has happened in our industry is genomics. It has taken off in the Holstein breed. It has changed our world greatly,” Tony Good, […] Read more