Man. farmers exempt from fuel tax, other carbon tax might apply

OAK HAMMOCK MARSH, Man. — Farmers discovered they had won the carbon tax exemption they had long fought for, when the Manitoba premier announced his province’s homegrown response to the federal requirement. Even though farmers will be hit by higher prices on many things due to the $25 per tonne carbon tax, it will not […] Read more

APAS hosts carbon summit – Live Stream

The Prairie Agriculture Carbon summit has brought together agricultural producers, researchers, government policy makers and society at large to explore and discuss the role that agricultural practices currently play in the greenhouse gas balance, and the exciting potential that new technologies can provide. The current state of carbon pricing and exchange schemes in Canada, the […] Read more

Agriculture a solution to reducing carbon

Carbon and climate change policy have been hot topics since the federal government announced its policy on carbon taxation last October. This is especially true in Sask-atchewan with the provincial government’s refusal to participate in the national carbon pricing plan. Agricultural producers have a lot at stake in this discussion, both from carbon pricing policies […] Read more

Carbon pricing sparks frustration at CFA meeting

Western Producer reporter Karen Briere attended The Canadian Federation of Agriculture annual meeting in Ottawa and filed this report Frustrated farmers lined up at a microphone during the Canadian Federation of Agriculture annual meeting last week to vent about provincial carbon policies. One delegate noted Saskatchewan, which is staunchly opposed to any scheme, probably has […] Read more

Alta. energy generation plan needs rethink: expert

EDMONTON — The association representing Alberta’s rural municipalities wants the government to consider exemptions from the upcoming carbon levy. Delegates to the Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties annual meeting voted in favour of asking government to exempt all municipalities from paying the levy as well as giving farming operations a break on the […] Read more

Farmers wrestle with carbon tax fallout

Farm groups say they need more breaks than just farm fuel exemptions in looming carbon tax legislation. In Western Canada, British Columbia and Alberta already have carbon tax laws in place. B.C. has had a tax since 2008. It amounts to $30 per tonne. In 2014, the province exempted farm gas and diesel from the […] Read more