Blackleg pathogens studied to rate canola resistant cultivars

EDMONTON — Farmers can no longer rely just on cultivar resistance to combat blackleg, says Ralph Lange of Alberta Innovates Technology Futures. Incidence of blackleg started to increase rapidly in Alberta in 2011 when 80 to 90 percent of the canola in a field near Irma showed symptoms of the disease. “We don’t see hundreds […] Read more

Man. growers warned to be vigilant on clubroot

Certain fields near Edmonton have close to a billion clubroot spores in a gram of soil. In Manitoba, provincial testing shows that many fields have 1,000 to 10,000 spores in a gram of soil. One thousand is nowhere near a billion, but Manitoba producers need to plant canola varieties resistant to clubroot if they want […] Read more

Clubroot appears in Manitoba's Swan River region. | Barb Glen photo

Clubroot galls found in west-central Manitoba

Clubroot galls have been found on canola plants near Swan River, Man. Ryan Immerkar, who runs RSI Agri-Coaching in Swan River, confirmed rumours about the discovery of clubroot in the region. Immerkar said clubroot galls were found on canola plants, and samples from the infected areas have been sent away for further testing. Anastasia Kubinec, […] Read more