Curtis Rempel, a vice-president with the Canola Council of Canada, addresses attendees on the final day of the Canola Discovery Forum in Winnipeg. | Ed White photo

VIDEO: Canola Discovery Forum promotes engagement, dialog

The 2019 Canola Discovery Forum wraps up in Winnipeg today. The forum was introduced in 2013 as an annual meeting to facilitate collaboration between science and industry and has continued to build on this every year. Western Producer reporter Ed White had an opportunity to talk to Curtis Rempel with the Canola Council of Canada […] Read more

Yield curves can be used to optimize nitrogen rates but Brian Arnall, a soil fertility expert from Oklahoma, isn’t convinced they’re particularly useful. Such curves and recommendations are created for an entire province or state, but Arnall says growers should develop specific fertilizer practices for their farm and their fields. Source: Manitoba Agriculture  |  WP GRAPHIC

Producers urged to get more local with fertilizer use

Nearly every producer has seen the graph. The bottom of the graph has the rate of applied nitrogen, ranging from zero to 200 pounds per acre. On the side is the canola yield, ranging from zero to 70 bushels per acre. The curve on the graph illustrates how yield increases as the rate of nitrogen […] Read more

Food retailers are becoming increasingly interested in how the products they sell on their shelves are produced.  |  File photo

Are food companies influencing fertilizer use?

Retailers are catering to consumer backlash on agricultural inputs,
and growers are being told to produce more with less

Many people in agriculture, including many farmers, remain skeptical about sustainable farming. Many say the phrase is meaningless, or call it a fad that will amount to nothing. Brian Arnall isn’t one of those people. In October, Arnall, an Oklahoma State University soil scientist, spent two hours communicating with a representative of Walmart, answering questions […] Read more