The council’s revenues and expenditures are not available on its website nor in its annual reports. That’s in contrast to a long list Canadian ag groups that do share financial statements with the public. | Screencap via

Canola council keeps financial statements secret

In 2013, federal Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz announced $15 million in government funding to the Canola Council of Canada for canola research. In 2015, Ritz provided another $9.5 million to the canola council for market development, followed by a $980,000 in federal funding for agronomic research in 2016. Over the last four years, the canola […] Read more

Ag industry leaders have told The Western Producer that oilseed crushers and grain elevator companies have become increasingly frustrated with the council, to the point that a couple of firms have contemplated leaving the organization. | File photo

Companies unhappy with canola council, want restructuring, refocus

Canola Council of Canada, one of the largest ag industry associations in the country, is under pressure to adjust its priorities and get costs under control. Some are even calling for it to merge with other oilseed organizations. Ag industry leaders have told The Western Producer that oilseed crushers and grain elevator companies have become […] Read more

Anti-trade sentiment worries grain firm

Dan Basse speaks at farm industry meetings around the world and he’s noticed a trend in the last six to 12 months. Growers in Argentina, Russia, Canada and Brazil smile at the meetings, but most American farmers do not. Farmers in the United States are frowning because they’re suffering from a strong U.S. dollar and […] Read more

Visitors to the travelling exhibition will learn the what, how, when and why behind the creation of canola.  |  Ed White photo

VIDEO: Exhibit to spread canola story

People don’t always think of canola when they’re asked to think about Canada’s great innovations and success stories. That’s something the Canadian Agriculture and Food Museum is trying to change with an exhibition that will travel throughout Canada and the world during the next five years telling the canola story. It’s a multimedia exhibit explaining […] Read more

Dan Basse of research firm AgResource shows his canola supply and demand forecast to an audience at the Canola Council of Canada annual meeting.  |  Robert Arnason photo

Canola could pull ahead of soybeans

Canola futures generally drop if soybean futures fall. If soybeans jump, then canola futures also rise. That synchronicity has been the norm for many years in the oilseed market, but canola may break from the pattern this year. Dan Basse, an ag commodity expert based in Chicago, is bullish on canola but bearish on soybeans […] Read more

The Liberal government is strongly pro-trade even as politicians in other countries are becoming more protectionist.
|  File photo

VIDEO: Trade minister enthusiastic supporter of canola industry

Canola has shown Canada the way forward and there’s no reason to believe even more export gains can’t be achieved, despite today’s trade-anxious environment, says Canada’s international trade minister. “I really encourage you to seize the moment. This is unprecedented,” Francois-Philippe Champagne said to the Canola Council of Canada’s 50th annual convention March 8. “I […] Read more

World population forecast discounted

Farm production goals are based on the world’s population reaching 9.7 billion in the next three decades, 
but the head of Ipsos Public Affairs says there’s no way that’s going to happen

It’s become a mantra in Canada’s agriculture industry and is repeated at nearly every farm meeting: “Farmers have to dramatically increase production because the global population will soon hit 9.7 billion.” Darrell Bricker, chief executive officer of Ipsos Public Affairs, a research firm, thinks that mantra is bogus. The world’s population will in-crease over the […] Read more