Farmers keep canola secrets under wraps

Agri-Trend’s Canola 100 challenge is supposed to be competitive — at least to a point. But it also aims to bring together growers who use cutting-edge growing techniques so they can share knowledge, which benefits the entire industry. “The spirit of the contest is one where the competitors will learn from each other,” said Rob […] Read more

Farmer goes all in

Competitor for Agri-Trend Canola 100 challenge tried every trick in the book, but failed to significantly increase his canola yields

When Rene Nielsen decided to enter Agri-Trend’s Canola 100 challenge, he thought it would be a good opportunity to try products and rates that he wouldn’t normally use. Nielsen has grown big canola crops in the past, and after discussions with his agronomist, Matt Gosling, they figured they might be able to pull off a […] Read more