AIM provided 90 acres to grow the soybeans, CPS provided the crop inputs and agronomic advice and the foodgrains bank arranged for a farmer to grow the crop. | Robin Booker photo

VIDEO: Foodgrains bank growing project makes use of show site

LANGHAM, Sask. — Soybeans were ceremoniously harvested at the Ag In Motion show site Oct. 3 when the Canadian Foodgrains Bank held a harvest event. “This growing project is unique because it is really a three way project between the Canadian Food-grains Bank, Crop Production Services and Ag In Motion,” said Rick Block, regional representative […] Read more

Foreign trip reinforces value of foodgrains bank

Farmer says after a trip to the Middle East he was more eager than ever to participate in the growing project

TEMPEST, Alta. — Coaldale, Alta., farmer Ed Donkersgoed has long been a supporter of the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, but a trip to Lebanon brought home the true value of the charity. It has made him even more eager to participate in the Coaldale Lethbridge Community Growing Project for the foodgrains bank, which seeded a quarter […] Read more

Women do much of the world's farming, and much of the world's most important, life-sustaining farming, but farming, cultural, financial and governmental systems don't treat them fairly, according to a new report. | Screencap via

Helping women farmers key to future aid programs: Foodgrains bank

Many agriculture aid and assistance programs must be redesigned if they are to help hundreds of millions of female farmers in the developing world, says a Canadian Foodgrains Bank Report. Women do much of the world’s farming, and much of the world’s most important, life-sustaining farming, but farming, cultural, financial and governmental systems don’t treat […] Read more

The job was done within three hours and the combines lined up for a photo.  |  Barb Glen photo

Helping hands

Farmers left their own ready-to-harvest crops Aug. 11 to contribute time and machine power to the Canadian Foodgrains Bank project on Randy Redekop’s farm north of Vauxhall, Alta. With 18 combines and at least that many trucks, the harvest crew made short work of the 145-acre irrigated barley crop. Proceeds from sale of the grain […] Read more