Jill Mitchell, a project ambassador with Grow Hope Saskatchewan, holds the painting, “Feeding the World — One Grain at a Time” that was auctioned off during harvest at the 
charity’s project near Bruno, Sask. | Mennonite Central Committee photo

Charity puts donors on the ground

People sponsor an acre of land, which is then farmed by volunteers; Grow Hope Sask. uses proceeds to feed the hungry

Fundraisers for charities are common, but not in the way Grow Hope Saskatchewan does it — by allowing people to sponsor an acre of land where they will then grow and harvest a crop, and then donate the money to the Canadian Foodgrains Bank. “I think the closer that we can get to the growing […] Read more

LEFT: The Taber, Alta., district growing project for the Canadian Foodgrains Bank harvested 115 acres of spring wheat Aug. 31. It was the 25th year of growing projects for  participating Taber-area farmers. Organizer Jeremy Wind is hoping this year’s event will raise at least $100,000. Proceeds are used by the CFB to assuage hunger in countries  where help is needed. Wind estimated the irrigated crop would yield 80 to 85 bushels per acre, slightly lower than usual due to hot, dry conditions this summer. Local farmers  brought 10 combines to the site, along with trucks and grain carts. RIGHT: Ed Hendricks of Taber, Alta., observes harvest activity. Though he said he spent many hours in  combines during his farming career, his son has since taken over the farm and now he takes pleasure in watching the process. | Barb Glen photos

Growing project gets jump on Mother Nature

Organizers had to scramble to stay ahead of the rain as they prepared to harvest barley for the Canadian Foodgrains Bank

Months had passed in southern Alberta with no rain. Growing projects for the Canadian Foodgrains Bank throughout the region saw the crops ripen early amid relentless heat and smoky skies. But as luck would have it, rain was in the forecast on the very day the Coaldale-Lethbridge project planned to harvest its 180 acres of […] Read more

Al Rand said he would like to see more farmers and ranchers across Canada participate in Cows for Grain projects because there are many people in need internationally and the CFB does good work. | File photo

Cows for Grain raises money for foodgrains bank

Proceeds from the Feb. 2 sale of 11 calves at the Olds Auction Mart will benefit people in other countries who need food and help. This year’s sale is the third time Al Rand of Bowden, Alta., has organized and contributed volunteer labour to the Cows for Grain project, part of the Canadian Foodgrains Bank’s […] Read more

Multiple combines had the field covered when the Central Alberta Foodgrains Growing Project harvested its crop Nov. 3.  |  Leanne Zukowski photo

Alta. foodgrains project marks quarter century

A record number of combines bring in the crop for the Central Alberta Foodgrains Growing Project near Blackfalds, Alta.

BLACKFALDS, Alta. — The early November harvest of 120 acres of canola marks a quarter century that the Central Alberta Foodgrains Growing Project has supported the Canadian Foodgrains Bank. While the COVID-19 pandemic halted the local organization’s 25th anniversary celebrations, it didn’t stop the important work done by Lacombe County farmers. In fact the 2020 […] Read more

Werner Zacharias’s unwavering dedication to the Canadian Foodgrains Bank was said to be the key to the organization’s growth and popularity in west-central Saskatchewan.  |  Photo courtesy of Peter Janze

‘What a great way to give back’

The Canadian Foodgrains Bank remembers long-time benefactor who donated 190 acres of farmland to the organization

Hard working, devout, determined and beholden. Those are a few of the words that could be used to describe the late Werner Zacharias, who farmed, preached the gospel and raised a family of five children near Fiske, Sask., along with his wife, Elsie. Generous is another, said Rick Block. “In late 2017, I was made […] Read more

Jordana Slingerland, right, checks her surroundings while her brother and sister, Denver and Kadence, watch as combines harvest a crop for the Canadian Foodgrains Bank Aug. 29.   |  Barb Glen photo

Alberta foodgrains project brings in the barley

Canadian Foodgrains Bank project grows barley so it can cater to the region’s feedlots, dairies and poultry producers

COALDALE, Alta. — Barley dust was among the condiments sprinkled on burgers and hotdogs Aug. 29 when the Coaldale Lethbridge Community Growing Project harvested a quarter section of crop. A lunch sponsored by local businesses is one attraction for the event, but so is the sight of the many combines and trucks involved in threshing […] Read more

The Canadian Foodgrains Bank raises much of its money through growing projects such as this one near Picture Butte, Alta., last year.  |  File photo

Foodgrains bank declared an impact charity

Charity Intelligence included Canadian Foodgrains Bank on its top 10 list of charities that make the most of their money

Money donated to the Canadian Foodgrains Bank goes a long way and gets to the people it’s intended to help. That’s the conclusion of an independent charity watchdog that has placed the CFGB on its annual list of the Top Ten Impact Charities. It was happy news for the farmer-supported, church-based charity. “It’s such a […] Read more

A group of Grow Hope Saskatchewan supporters pose with Olympic gold medalist Cindy Klassen, fifth from left, at the Grow Hope Saskatchewan field just outside of Rosthern, Sask.  |  Jana Al-Sagheer photo

Food project connects city to country

The program allows people to sponsor an acre of farmland, which covers the cost of seed, fuel and other inputs

City folks have an opportunity to get in touch with their farmer sides by sponsoring an acre of farmland in Saskatchewan. Grow Hope Saskatchewan is a novel approach aimed at attracting more urban donations to the Canadian Foodgrains Bank. The project is a partnership between the Saskatoon Catholic Diocese, Mennonite Central Committee and the Canadian […] Read more

AIM provided 90 acres to grow the soybeans, CPS provided the crop inputs and agronomic advice and the foodgrains bank arranged for a farmer to grow the crop. | Robin Booker photo

VIDEO: Foodgrains bank growing project makes use of show site

LANGHAM, Sask. — Soybeans were ceremoniously harvested at the Ag In Motion show site Oct. 3 when the Canadian Foodgrains Bank held a harvest event. “This growing project is unique because it is really a three way project between the Canadian Food-grains Bank, Crop Production Services and Ag In Motion,” said Rick Block, regional representative […] Read more

Foreign trip reinforces value of foodgrains bank

Foreign trip reinforces value of foodgrains bank

Farmer says after a trip to the Middle East he was more eager than ever to participate in the growing project

TEMPEST, Alta. — Coaldale, Alta., farmer Ed Donkersgoed has long been a supporter of the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, but a trip to Lebanon brought home the true value of the charity. It has made him even more eager to participate in the Coaldale Lethbridge Community Growing Project for the foodgrains bank, which seeded a quarter […] Read more