Now that the U.S. has pulled out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement, Canada should step up and take advantage of increased access to Asian markets, says a trade proponent.  |  File photo

Seizing opportunity in era of uncertainty

With today’s White House injecting uncertainty into how our trade-based economy will prosper in an age of protectionism, there’s a huge opportunity for Canada to plot its own path instead of being held hostage by the latest tweet. In the next few days, Canada will be at the table with Trans-Pacific Partnership countries in Vietnam, […] Read more

An analyst expects flax prices to “percolate higher over the winter” and advises growers to hang onto their crop until March.  |  File photo

EU could boost flax price

Lower maximum residue limits have slowed Black Sea region exports, opening the door for Canadian grain

The tweaking of a maximum residue limit is creating an opportunity for Canadian flax in Europe. The European Commission tightened its tolerance level for haloxyfop last summer to .01 parts per million from .1 parts per million. Haloxyfop is a Dow grass herbicide that is used extensively on flax crops in Russia and Kazakhstan but […] Read more

Canada needs to develop agricultural practices to meet demands for specialty meat in countries such as Israel, Turkey and Egypt.  |  File photo

Can more meat go to the Middle East?

The recent closure of one of the biggest cattle feedlots in Alberta due to poor market conditions and the decline of livestock exports from Saskatchewan indicated by figures released in the Saskatchewan Agriculture Exports Reports for 2015 are not good news for the beef and livestock industry in the Canadian Prairies. If Canada strategically targets […] Read more