Changing workforce requires rethink by ag companies, producers

WOODSTOCK, Ont. — When people take a job in agriculture, they stay for a whole career, says Lori Litherland, an Ontario-based consultant who specializes in agricultural employment. “(Once they) are in, they stay,” she said She told a recent BASF meeting in Saskatoon that the supply of people with a farm background has been falling […] Read more

Scenes from a farm show

Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show, an annual event held in Woodstock, Ont., was held this year from Sept. 12-14.  |  Michael Raine photos  

Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show – 2016

UPDATED: September 16, 2016 – 1415 CST – The 2016 version of Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show got underway Tuesday near Woodstock, Ontario. The show includes 750 exhibitors and 100 acres of displays and demonstrations highlighting the latest agricultural equipment and technologies. Western Producer managing editor Michael Raine is in attendance and will be reporting from […] Read more

Expansion on minds of young Ont. cattle producers

WOODSTOCK, Ont. — After years of stagnation, Ontario’s cattle industry appears to be on the rebound. Dan Ferguson, manager of producer relations at Beef Farmers of Ontario, said there are now just 275,000 beef cows in the province, down from 400,000 immediately before BSE was discovered in Canada in 2003. Ferguson said his organization has […] Read more

Video: Corn, soybean planters custom made

WOODSTOCK, Ont. — Kearney Planters of Ontario used Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show in Woodstock earlier this year to display a highly customized planter that it had set up for a customer. The Kinze 3500 corn and soybean planter is an eight-row, 30-inch planter with 15-inch row capability for soybeans. The auxiliary power take-off hydraulic pump […] Read more

Animal bedding business thinks ahead of the box

Sheets of corrugated cardboard | Plain sheets without printing dyes contain corn starch that helps absorb ammonia and starts to compost in six to nine weeks

WOODSTOCK, Ont. — It seems like a simple idea, but a considerable amount of work was needed before Jillian Jasper could launch her corrugated cardboard bedding business. “I spent four years researching this idea before I began marketing it,” Jasper said. “It’s actually a little more expensive, but there’s a shortage of wheat straw and […] Read more

VIDEO: Disc gangs dominate cover crop tillage demo

WOODSTOCK, Ont. — Designs incorporating two gangs of offset discs followed by rolling harrows dominated the cover crop tillage demonstration at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show earlier this month However, the demonstration featured a wide range of choice in terms of equipment weight, horsepower requirement, depth control, disc and bearing design and price. Ontario agronomist Pat […] Read more

Video: Biomass opens door for new machines

Choppers, grinders, mowers | Manufacturers introduce equipment to handle feedstock for use in ethanol plants, compost or livestock bedding

WOODSTOCK, Ont. — Farm equipment manufacturers have been beefing up their equipment to handle biomass. “This baler is well suited to the toughness of this material,” Glen Farris of Agco said while pointing to a Massey Ferguson 2270XD on display at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show in Woodstock Sept. 10. The machine, built in Hesston, Kansas, […] Read more