This plate shows the new nutritional recommendations put forth this month by Health Canada.

Food guide furor

Canada’s meat and dairy producers say they will continue to promote the nutritional benefits of their food in the wake of Canada’s Food Guide recommendations to eat more plant-based protein. The revised food guide released last week shifted away from the four food groups, serving sizes and numbers of servings to which Canadians have become […] Read more

The Canadian Cattlemen’s Association questions the emphasis on eating plant-based proteins as opposed to animal-based proteins. | Getty image

Ag groups continue food guide fight

Beef and dairy producers are opposed to Health Canada’s proposed revisions, including front of packaging labelling

LONDON, Ont. — Proposed revisions to the Canada Food Guide continues to rankle some groups. “The Canada Food Guide is not just about revisions and updates to the food guide, which was necessary. It is about Health Canada’s strategy for healthy eating, which also includes other areas of interest like front of packaging labelling,” said […] Read more